Your Essential Guide to Buying a Massage Table or Couch

massageTableWhether you are someone buying a massage table for personal use in your home or a professional massage therapist who is looking for the ideal portable massage table for your clients, it is important to choose one wisely. After all, a massage table is not just another type of equipment – it is a specially-designed piece of furniture that has a special purpose.

Types of massage tables on the market

Fortunately, there are many different kinds of massage tables and couches for you to choose from. But at the same time, this wide range of choices can leave you overwhelmed, or worse, confused. Admittedly, it can be downright difficult to make the right decision when you are faced with a plethora of choices. But let’s get down to the basics first: the types of massage tables available today.

The most common types of massage tables and couches include portable massage tables, electric lift, and stationary. Stationary massage tables and couches are ideal if you are not planning to take it anywhere else. For instance, if you have your own massage room in your home, then you can opt for a simple stationary massage table, since you are not planning to move it from one location to another anyway.

The portable massage table or couch, on the other hand, is just as its name implies: it can be taken most anywhere, and is particularly handy if you are planning to have a massage at different locations (whilst on holiday at the beach, for instance, or when visiting a friend or family member in another area). The third most common type of massage table is the electric lift, which is primarily for when the massage technique requires the user or customer to move around whilst the session is ongoing.

Aspects to consider in a massage table or couch

Once you have determined the kind of massage table or couch you need, the next step is to assess it carefully and consider the various features. This includes the massage table’s strength and stability, especially if you are aiming to use it daily or for a long time. Another aspect to consider is the massage table’s foam density. All massage tables and couches are equipped with foam for the user’s comfort.

But rather than just settling for flimsy foam that may easily suffer from wear and tear, it is important to check the density of the foam and make sure that it is tightly packed and firm. The next aspect to look for is the durability and quality of the vinyl covering, keeping an eye on loose stitching or uneven seams.

Of course, you can’t neglect the massage table’s and couch’s affordability as well. The good news for this is that since there are a variety of choices in massage tables and couches today, prices have become more competitive, especially if you acquire one from a specialist which can give you additional discounts and offers. If you would like a simple, straightforward massage table, this is completely practical – but there are also massage couch and table features and accessories which you can choose from, which includes face rests which can be adjusted, shelves for an arm rest, foot rests, and remote height control, among others.

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