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Flexible Yoga

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Health and wellness are key aspects to living life these days. Modern individuals are steadily waking up to the salient benefits of physical activity and body coordination. Regular exercise is a must to keep problems like obesity, diabetes and heart disease at bay. You should find a health and fitness routine that gives you the required momentum to increase your fitness levels. Yoga is a fantastic option in this regard. One of the most ancient wellness disciplines, yoga strengthens both mind and body.

The major benefits of yoga as a fitness regime

Yoga provides a plethora of benefits to practitioners. Some of the major ones can be listed as follows:

  • Yoga builds physical strength as many poses require you to support and use your own weight
  • Yoga helps tone your muscles and burns excess fat
  • Yoga provides greater flexibility and prevents chronic pain
  • Spinal alignment is greatly improved with yoga
  • Yoga helps you breathe better and deeper
  • Yoga lubricates all body joints, tendons, muscles and ligaments
  • Yoga detoxifies and massages body organs and flushes out toxins from the body with élan
  • Yoga brings down stress levels and helps you attain tangible levels of mental calmness

The best food items to improve flexibility for performing yoga

Are you having trouble stretching body muscles to the fullest or facing problems with complicated poses which require increased body flexibility? You can improve your flexibility for yoga with these super foods which are important additions to any yoga routine. These items can be listed below:

  • Barley grass

    Barley Grass. Photo Credit: Till Westermayer

    Extract of barley grass: This provides splendid nutrition, comprised as it is, of chlorophyll which sparks increased growth of tissues and heals wounds. It also contains enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and minerals along with iron, beta-carotene and calcium.  You should purchase seeds or dry extracts. The seeds should be sprouted and added to salads and other meals thereafter.

  • Spirulina: This contains more beta-carotene than even carrots. This also contains GLA or gamma-linolenic acid and B-12. Spirulina builds muscle mass and helps you intensify your yoga routine with greater strength and flexibility. This is found in powder or tablet form.
  • Sulfur is highly recommended for building yogic flexibility as it repairs connective body tissues along with building muscle mass. It helps easier digestion of fat and repairs any soreness of muscles. This also regulates levels of blood sugar and is usually sold as tablets. Alongside, you can consume meat, onions, garlic, chives, parsley, peppers, cress, broccoli, cauliflower, eggs and Brussels sprouts.
  • Chlorella: This fresh water alga is ideal for increasing flexibility owing to higher amounts of chlorophyll. It also cleanses blood and lowers blood pressure among innumerable other benefits. It is also sold as a powder or tablet in usual cases and is one of the best foods to enhance flexibility for yoga.


    Spirulina. Photo credit: Lara Torvi

To get an enhanced weight loss result one can adopt Yoga along with a complementing weight loss diet plan. Pop icon Britney Spears performed yoga along with following Nutrisystem, an acclaimed weight loss program in US to get back in shape. She had refurbished her eating habits with the low calorie diet foods from Nutrisystem.

Yoga is one of the best wellness regimes that you can follow. Add the above super foods to your daily diet and experience enhanced flexibility, strength and more enjoyable yoga sessions.

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