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The most common problem among older people is by having smaller and weaker muscle, and this is not just an aesthetic problem, it’s a serious problem. Muscle loss causes numerous death incidents and many older people suffer from it, for the reason that it increases the risks of fractures and collapse. Medical experts already declared that major muscle loss is predictable as we get older, however this can be alleviate through exercise and some healthy practices.

Here’s more, loss of muscle also common in its medical term sarcopenia, does not appear suddenly when you get awfully old. This condition usually starts as you get 30 years old. Today’s Dietician issued an article that was noted by Mary Ellen Posthauer and Becky Dorner, during the 30’s and 60’s, the regular adult person will increase one pound of weight and drop one and half pound of muscle every year, increasing 30 pounds of fats and losing fifteen pounds of muscle.

Obviously, major muscle loss is a depressing and stressing fact about aging, but this a fate and part of human as they get older, and there are various proven ways to prevent it. Although weight lifting exercise is very well known to provide strong muscle but the significant nutritional changes due to aging is the avoiding factor and overturn to muscle as a result of aging. Osteoporosis International issued a journal containing the recent research stating that proper diet plans and programs is an effective approach in preventing muscle loose.

IOF Nutrition Working Group made some reviews about the various global researches, concluded that significant nutritional factors that was given below shown to effective and helpful not only to the prevention and preservation of muscle loss but as well to the dealing of sarcopenia disease.

Alkaline Diet to Prevent Muscle Loss

Avoid yourself form dietary acid loads – avoid excessive consumption of acid rich nutrients like meat and cereal grains, instead eat more alkalizing vegetables and fruits as it has a positive effects in our muscles and bones. Some researchers stated that including abundance of fruits and vegetables in our diet is beneficial in our body’s muscles and skeleton.

Protein – sufficient supply of proteins in the body is very vital part as far as muscle health is concern. But, protein that we accumulate from meat could be unsafe because it can increase the body acidity, which provides negative impact in our muscle mass.

Moreover, by adding whey protein in your diet is very beneficial because it is very vital that proper amount amino acids would be delivered in accordance to the relation of skeletal muscle that usually whey protein does. As well, enough whey protein in the body stimulates the necessary mechanism that protects muscle mass through generating and upholding a high absorption of necessary amino acids in the blood. In addition, consumption of whey protein (15 to 20 g) may augment the muscle-spiraling effects of conflict exercise.

 Vitamins to stop Muscle Mass Loss

Regardless of the race and ethnicity, for most of the elderly people Vitamin D considered as the most widespread nutritional deficiency. As we get older our levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)] diminish. Exhausted level of vitamin D usually associated with serious muscle condition like low muscle strength. Indeed, individuals with low level of muscle strength as supplied or take enough vitamin D will significantly increases muscle strength. Vitamin D levels should be calculated in most of the sarcopenic patients and Vit. D addition in dosages enough to boost levels over 100nmol/L should be provided as an extra therapy. In addition, the doses of 50,000 IU D2 and D3 vitamins every week are suitable.

Kindle Edition

Kindle Edition

Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 – researchers from International Osteoporosis Foundation, stated that more studies are required about these vitamins, however, Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 appeared to be important and effective as far as boosting muscle strength and function is concern. Moreover, the researchers desire more research and studies to proof if antioxidants can be possible prevention and treatment for sarcopenia, as well.

Prevention is Better than Cure

What’s the most vital is to implement strategies and techniques to thwart or halt the development of muscle mass loss and sarcopenia than trying to relieve and cure the said health issue in older patients.  One of the best and most obvious counter measures against this condition is exercise in resistance training outline, as it helps strengthens our muscle. To end with, suggesting exercise, hormonal replacement therapy, nutritional supplementation and dietary modification can be proper paces to battle against muscle mass loss and sarcopenia. Make best use of muscle mass helps improve the functions, endurance, strength, and general health of adults.

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