Losing Big: Unknown side-effects of Rapid Weight Loss

BeforeAndAfterFat vanishes when you lose weight, replaced by lean muscle mass, but your skin can’t shrink on its own. After rapid weight loss, you may be left with large skin folds that drape over your new svelte body. Repeated gym visits can have some effect on tightening loose skin, but won’t completely reverse the sagging skin folds. To shed that extra skin and display your new body, look to plastic surgery to target all of the areas that need lifting and toning.

Types of cosmetic procedures

Face: A facial rejuvenation procedure firms up facial skin. After significant weight loss, you may feel younger but look older. Fat gives the face a youthful look and sudden loss of facial fat deposits makes wrinkles and fine lines appear more pronounced. Many formerly large people develop loose skin flaps on the neck after rapid weight loss due to fat that was stored in the neck. A facial procedure can reduce the effects of seemingly overnight aging and tighten the neck area.

Arms: If you’ve got “wings” after losing weight, you may feel like you need to hide your arms under long-sleeved shirts. Depending on how much excess skin you have in the arm, choose from basic liposuction to remove fat deposits or arm lifts to trim off excess skin. Arm lifts reshape your arm from the armpit to elbow, reshaping the skin to fit your new arm and give you a toned physique.

Abdomen: After all of your exercise, dieting and hard work, you may feel your stomach still looks large. Remove excess fat and skin with a tummy tuck, which firms up your abs to fit your new shape. Expect a narrower waist, firmer muscles and a slimmer figure and say goodbye to that protruding belly.

Breasts: Dramatic weight loss often alters the shape of the breasts. A breast lift allows a surgeon to reshape and reposition your breasts, sometimes moving the nipple to a higher position so it matches your breasts’ new shape. If you so choose, you can take the opportunity to decrease or increase the size of your breasts during the procedure as well.


Before you book an appointment with a plastic surgeon, consider whether these procedures are right for you. If you’re in the middle of dramatic weight loss, wait until you reach your target weight to alter your body. Be realistic about your commitment to physical fitness. To maintain your new body after weight loss and surgery, you’ll need to eat well and maintain your shape through exercise. Ideal candidates for plastic surgery after weight loss are in good health and do not smoke. Be aware that if you’re hoping to get pregnant, it may be best to delay such surgeries until after you’ve had children.

If you decide to schedule surgery, prepare your body for success by maintaining a healthy diet and getting as close as you can to your personal target weight. Take regular multivitamins and eat a protein-rich diet to boost healing rate. As you exercise and build muscle mass, your new body will “fill out” some of that excess skin and surgery will reduce the rest.

Be sure to do your research and schedule a consultation with a medical professional to learn more about arm lifts, breast lifts, tummy tucks or facial rejuvenation. Your doctor can discuss the surgery with you in detail and prepare you for the procedure and subsequent recovery.

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