Increasing Weight [Infographic]

Increasing Weight

It has become a widely accepted practice to monitor consumption of food by counting calories as well as monitor exercise also by counting calories. The ultimate purpose is to achieve better health and body fitness.

Recommended caloric intake per day is: Adult male-2500 – 2800, Adult female-2000, Children-1750-1950, Olympic swimmer-12000, Sumo wrestler-20,000.

Calories burnt per hour through exercises: Playing Billiards-148 to 216, Walking the dog- 207 to 302, Housecleaning- 207 to 302, Waterskiing-354 to 518, Aerobic exercise-354 to 518, Lawn mowing-325 to 474, Playing the drum-236 to 345

Caloric intake through fast food restaurants like Mac Donalds is considerable.

Generally our calorie consumption is going up. The average American is consuming 300 more calories every day than what he consumed in 1985.

60% of Americans get 20% of their calories from snack foods. Addition of sweeteners contributes for 23% of additional calories and 24% of additional fats. Young adults get 25% of daily calories from sweetened beverages like soda. One third of Americans obtain 47% of calories from junk foods.

Between 1971 and 2000 obesity has increased from 14.5% to 30.9% in U.S. 67% of Americans are presently overweight. Serving sizes of national restaurant chains have increased 2 to 5 times during the past 40 years.

Reduction in consumption by 100 calories per day can reduce chances for type-2 diabetes by half, decrease risk of heart disease by 1 to 2% for every percent of weight lost and ease joint strains.

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