11 Ways to Burn Extra Calories Every Day

Spark28DayPlanFor those people who would like to lose their weight and be in perfect shape that they want to be, it would seem close to impossible especially when you’re too busy being a parent, a worker or simply someone juggling in between a job and parenting. However, you don’t have to work so hard and too hard to burn those calories you’ve always wanted to get rid of. There are actually easy steps for you to lose weight without as much as lifting a dumbbell. So if this interests you, here are 11 ways to burn extra calories every day that can be part of your daily routine towards being fit and in shape.

1. Walk when you can.

I know elevators and escalators are popular these days but walking at least 15 minutes a day burns at least 100 calories for you. Make it a habit to work your feet. Walking is generally something you do every day and it’s one of the best proven, tried and tested way for you to lose calories even if it looks bit by bits. Besides, walking or doing a little running strengthens your lower extremities so you can definitely call that a plus.

2. Always be active.

One of the secrets I found out with slim people is that they never cease to be active. If there is room for any activity for you to do, do it. It might seem like useless but you’ll see that putting your hands or your feet or any part of your body active always already helps you burn down calories rather than staying passive.

3. Eat lean meat for protein.

If you’re bent to eat meat and always include it in your regimen of food choices, you might as well choose lean meat as a good source of protein. Protein actually helps you build muscles, repair damaged cells and tissues and burn fats easier than simply eating fat-packed meat. Some good sources of protein include eggs and beef.

4. Pack your meal with fruits and greens.

Fruits and veggies are proven to help you slim down and burn those fats easier than you do with processed foods. Besides, you are likely to burn more calories since some foods are natural calorie burners like spinach, tomatoes, kiwi and avocado.

5. Drink enough water.

Believe it or not, drinking water 30 minutes before you take any of your meals helps you to break them down easier into calories. Calorie is actually heat energy broken down when our body processes the food we eat through metabolism. If your body’s metabolism works faster, you’re going to burn more calories faster.

6. Never make yourself hungry.

Being busy with work and so many things in life is understandable but it’s not actually a good reason to make yourself hungry or forget about food. When you skip meals, your body produces fat to make up for the lost energy it needs. Your body don’t have to do that when you’re always full. Besides, a full stomach means you can burn as much as 20 calories simply by doing something like standing on your feet for two minutes.

7. Laugh. Laugh. And laugh a lot more.

Sharing a few good jokes with your friends and family might mean more good to you than what you just know. Vanderbilt University Medical Center studied that 10-15 minutes of laughter helps you to burn 10-40 calories a day so it seems that laughing is not just the best medicine but a good calorie burner as well.

8. Eat chilli foods.

Increasing your body’s metabolic rate helps you to burn calories faster. And since food seems to be the biggest enemy of those who would like to burn calories like you, spicing your foods a bit with chilli might be the answer for you. Chilli peppers can actually help you burn an extra 50 calories a day so chomp on some chocolate that is chilli-flavored for you.

9. Never sit still.

If you have always learned how to behave sitting on a chair, you might want to change your mind. Simple fidgeting around your chair or tapping your fingers or your moving your hands or tapping your feet helps you burn 200 to 350 calories a day depending on how fidgety you are. Of course, pacing around a room would burn more calorie than simply tapping your fingers on the table right?

10. Take a good cold shower in the morning.

When you cool down your body’s temperature in the morning, your body needs to heat itself from the inside out. This heating process actually helps you burn calories so if you wish to warm up and burn your calorie faster, bring the temperature down.

11. Get a good night’s sleep.

Sleeping might seem like a form of relaxation for you but getting a good night’s sleep helps you burn 88 calories per hour and if you sleep at least 6 hours, you’ll burn 528 calories. How? Unless you’re a statue, you are likely to change positions while you sleep, move and even stand up to get a pee in the middle of the night, right?

So you see, it’s actually easy to burn some extra calories every day. All you have to do is get used to this simple habits and you will be proud of a better you in no time.

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