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If you’ve been exercising more and eating less without noticing an improvement in your appearance, it may be time to reassess your strategy. Looking and feeling better aren’t just about counting calories or logging minutes on a treadmill; there’s nothing rejuvenating about checking items off a to-do list. Rather, a refreshed appearance comes from living a holistically healthy lifestyle that allows you to care for yourself and meet your own needs.

Eating: Always the First Thing

healthy diet is not centered on deprivation. Of course, limiting caloric intake is important to reaching or maintaining your ideal weight. However, the healthiest and most effective way to limit calories is to choose plant-based, nutrient-rich foods. Plant foods are also high in fiber, meaning they keep you feeling fuller for longer. One excellent vegetable choice is broccoli, which contains fiber, lutein and vitamin C. Additionally, broccoli reduces the innate immune system response, potentially preventing infections and cancers.

You should also incorporate seeds into your new diet. Begin with flax seeds; these tiny gems are packed with fiber, micronutrients and omega-3 fatty acids. Flax reduces blood cholesterol levels and may lessen the severity of diabetes. Remember to limit your flax intake to the recommended serving; too much can cause stomach upset due to the rich oils the plant contains. Plant foods also work well as a protein source. Use fresh, dried or frozen beans in place of fatty red meats and you’ll shave off calories while still getting the protein that fuels your workouts. Broccoli, flax and beans are healthy, satisfying foods that will help you feel content and look refreshed.

The Gym: Paired with Eating

The best workout routines are those that combine cardio, strength training and meditative aspects. Consider taking up an activity like, which burns calories efficiently. It tones your legs, abdomen and even shoulders, all without adding too much bulk. Like all forms of cardio, running can also act as an appetite suppressant. Interestingly, running provides mental as well as physical benefits. This aspect of running distinguishes it from other workout routines and is critical because when you feel good, you look good. Running releases endorphins and is often recommended as a way to relax and to fight stress, anxiety and depression. The famed runner’s high is no longer a mere hypothesis. If you’re looking for an exercise routine you’ll never want to miss, running is ideal.

Attack problem areas

Certain stubborn cosmetic issues, such as a too-soft belly or aging skin, simply aren’t affected by diet and exercise. If some of these troublesome issues are preventing you from looking your best, it might be time to find a solution. Simple cosmetic procedures, such as lipoplasty or a facial rejuvenating skin procedure, can be used alongside your diet and exercise routines to create a more youthful and healthful appearance. Lipoplasty, which is also called body sculpting, removes stubborn pockets of fat in hard-to-tone areas like the thighs and hips. In conjunction with regular workouts, lipoplasty can produce a more toned body shape. Facial rejuvenating skin procedures are designed to eliminate sagging on the face and neck. The process removes deep creases beside the nose and beneath the eyelids, drooping skin and falling or displaced fat. The toning method will accentuate the fresh face you’ve created through a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Looking better starts with feeling better about yourself. Take the time to eat well and exercise and consider eliminating any problem areas with the appropriate cosmetic procedure. Taking these steps will improve your quality of life, lower your stress and, ultimately, leave you looking better, younger and happier than ever before.

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