TLC For Your Eyes At Home


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The time that we spend at home is when we are finally able to sit back and chill out. But you should never be too lax, and would really benefit from seeing your down time at home as the perfect opportunity to look after your eyes.

Eating Well


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When you’re at home there is always the temptation to eat unhealthily. Whether you call it convenience or laziness – it’s much easier to grab a bag of crisps than to make yourself a salad. But this isn’t a great habit that you want to fall into.

Having a poor diet affects your eyes in the same way that it affects the rest of your body, and eating a diet richer in the core vitamins and minerals that you need can have a really profound effect on the health of your eyes.

Having a good intake of vitamin A is crucial to having healthy eyes, as this helps the retina to absorb light. A quick and easy source of vitamin A is carrots. Eat them raw by chopping them up into thin rectangles and scooping them into a pot of hummus for a tasty snack.

Avoid Overusing Your Computer


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Eye strain is one of the most common causes of discomfort at the workplace, and this is because many people today work in front of a computer screen for most of the day.

One of the causes of eye strain is because your eyes are only focusing on one flat surface for prolonged periods of time. While many things are online now (shopping, gaming, information sites) you should really limit the hours that you spend looking at a computer screen at home.

Take Out Your Contacts

Contact lenses are designed to keep your eyes feeling refreshed throughout the day. However, Opticians will rarely recommend for you to wear them 24 hours of the day.

Unless you have been told specifically by your Optician that it is okay to sleep in your contact lenses, you should always make sure that you take them out before you go to bed. If they’re daily wear lenses you can dispose of them, or if they’re longer wear lenses make sure you put them in some sterilising solution while you nap.



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As with any part of your body, your eyes will love a bit of tender love and care. A cooling eye mask can feel incredibly refreshing on tired eyes.

A quick and easy homemade alternative to an eye mask is to place two slices of cucumber over your eyes. Make sure the cucumber is nice and chilled from the fridge, tilt your head back, and relax for a few minutes. The cool slices will help reduce any puffiness or swelling around your eyes, and the high water content in the cucumbers will rehydrate the skin around your eyes.

I hope you find these tips helpful, and if you have any other recommendations feel free to leave any suggestions in the comment box below.

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