5 Tips how to NOT gain Weight Over Thanksgiving

According to a survey, an average of seven pounds is gained during Thanksgiving! Parties here, parties there, sweet treats and alcohol everywhere-it’s weight gain paradise. After the holiday season, many find themselves lining up to register at gyms and fitness centers in a frantic effort to lose those pounds.

This doesn’t have to happen to you! You can be the sexy old you and have your friends gawk at your figure while they take desperate measures to lose weight.

Tip #1 Work out before you Go out

Though this is the perfect time to be lazy and spoil yourself, a nice workout before the big meal can do wonders. Working out even 90 minutes before eating can raise your metabolism for up to four hours and this way, you can at least indulge yourself knowing your body can handle it.

Tip #2 Make Caffeine your Routine

Instead of drinking soft drinks or juices, drink a cup of black coffee with your meals. Caffeine is one of the major ingredients in most diet aids because of its ability to raise the body’s metabolism rate thus allowing you to burn fat faster.

Tip #3 Skip a Meal –you’ll gain a Deal

One of the very wrong and unfortunate myths that people have is that skipping meals can help with weight loss. “I’ll skip breakfast and lunch so I can eat at the party tonight” is a common line of thinking. The opposite is true. Skipping meals will just lead to this chain reaction: you skip a meal; you end up famished and eat too much, too fast, and then overeat at the next meal which is too much for your body to take.

Instead of skipping, eat at regular intervals and include a few healthy snacks in between. This way, you’ll never be so famished that you overeat.

Tip #4 Control isn’t abstaining from all

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Being in control of what goes into your plate doesn’t necessarily mean abstaining from all those treats.  Control simply means being wise when it comes to the portions of what you choose to eat. For example, when eating salads, be careful with the kind of dips you select- cream, mayonnaise, butter and the like are extremely fattening so stay away from them. Instead, opt for dips like vinegar and other low fat dressings.

When it comes to desserts, instead of starving yourself, simply go for healthy choices such as fruit, healthy cookies instead of cholesterol infested ones. Or you could also treat yourself with your favorite dessert but only take a small slice of it.

Restrict your alcohol intake to one or two servings and also be careful with the kind of alcohol you choose. For example, go for light beers that have fewer calories instead of your normal choice. No matter how delicious Texas grass fed beef steak paired with beer is, you should not go beyond your limit or the evidence will show in your belly fat.

Tip #5 Learn the art of Saying No

No matter how much self control one can exercise, problems may arise when your host prompts you to eat more. To avoid letting them down, many of us give in. The final way to ensure that you maintain your weight during Thanksgiving is learning how to say No. Truth is, saying no isn’t at all insulting if you know how to do it right.  You could say: “No thanks, I’m bloated-the food was delicious” or “I’d love to but my stomach can’t hold another bite.”

Thanksgiving is all about socializing, spending time with family and expressing gratitude for the year’s blessings-focus your mind on that instead of the food and your weight will be just fine.

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