Top 7 Diet and Fitness Tips

ThinQ Fitness Picture - Lucy Case VideoRegardless of what your dream is and what your ambition is it is very important for you to be healthy to achieve it. In order to stay healthy and fit throughout your life you need to follow a healthy diet as well as do fitness exercises. Here are seven simple tips to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Diet: You must maintain a healthy diet throughout with a few variations along with the seasonal changes. This is not at all as difficult as people think but for some can be as they simply do not follow their diet plan. During summers drink lots and lots of water and other liquids such as juices and milk. This will keep you hydrated and energised. Have a healthy breakfast and lunch but a light dinner. Have foods that are rich in vitamins and proteins. Follow the same during winters but reduce amount of juices and increase the intake of food with vitamin E content.
  2. Eat early: Avoid junk food. A little of anything bad is also not harmful but excess is. Maintaining a proper diet is one step towards a healthier future. You must eat early; this applies to all the three meals that you have in a day. Never make the mistake of sleeping on either an empty or full stomach.
  3. Choose any one form of exercise: Start your day with an activity of your choice. You can go to the gym walking, swimming or cycling for example. Any of these will keep you active and fresh throughout the day. This is important as you will burn off your calories and will not accumulate unnecessary fat tissue.
  4. Stick to your Activity: The form of exercise you have chosen to pursue is not an issue as long as you do efficiently. So whichever activity you have chosen, make sure you stick to it and do it regularly. As already mentioned early morning will be the best time as it will keep you active for the rest of the day. Doing your exercise regularly does not mean you have to do it in excess. This will make you weak by burning off the calories which you need. Hence avoid excess of exercise.
  5. Repetition of your exercise: This is especially for the people who do yoga and for the ones who go to the gym. There are certain exercises which need to be done in order to reduce weight and some to increase body mass which will help you to maintain a healthy body. So repeat your steps according to your requirement and your physical ability.


  6. Get a massage done: Once in a month you can indulge in a massage. This will relieve you of tensions which will help you to relax and it is also good to increase your blood circulation. These massages are expensive but they are definitely worth it.
  7. Don’t break your diet on your Holiday: This is the most common mistake committed by most people when they go on holiday. There may be many cultural changes however it is possible to find food according to your diet. Indulging will bring adverse effects on your health. This again does not mean that you must not enjoy your favourite foreign cuisine, of course have a great time and cherish your favourites but do so to a minimal extent.

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