What Negative Calorie Foods Are and How They’ll Help You Lose Weight

Negative calorie foods are; they’re just another fancy nutritionist term to get you to buy some weight loss product or what exactly are they meant to do? These are foods that have been found to cost the body more calories to ingest than they import into the body themselves. In simpler terms, they are a cool subset of foods that enable you to lose weight while you eat. Because they add virtually no calories you can eat your fill of these foods without fear or guilt. But make no mistake, we’re not saying that these are foods that contain no calories; that are not what the term is meant to imply. In fact, no such foods exist. What happens is that since the body expends energy executing the smallest of tasks, including digestion, the little calories contained in the foods are offset in the digestive process. In addition, the body has to work extra hard to extract the calories contained in negative calorie foods. Calling them fat burning foods would therefore not be a misnomer.
Pray tell, show me these foods, you say. Well for vegetables; look for celery, cucumber, cauliflower, radish, zucchini, eggplant, carrots, lettuce, and cabbage among other such vegetables. For fruits, we have apples, blueberries, lemon, lime, grapefruit, papaya, oranges among others. Using these foods, you can devise a negative calorie diet to help you drop the pounds fast. You can also visit here to learn more about negative calorie foods. However, in order to derive maximum benefits from negative calorie foods, you need to observe the following guidelines:

Preparing your veggies right

Eating these foods raw is the best way to gain the most from them – but for vegetables this may not always be possible. The solution in this case is to steam or sauté them lightly, without using any oil, for a few minutes. If you’re used to boiling your veggies for long periods, know you’re undoing your good intentions by killing the nutrients in the food. Using oil is also defeating the purpose because a teaspoon of cold pressed oil contains over a hundred calories. Over-salting your veggies is also a mistake. This will cause your body to retain more water making your abs look more bulky than you want. Try to use spices such as garlic, dried basil and chilli flakes as an alternative to salt.Still on preparation of vegetables, having a range of tools to make peeling and slicing easy will also make you eager to incorporating these foods into your diet.Some of the ready made diet foods that consist of negative calorie foods like Bistro MD offer Bistromd coupon codes by which you can avail a discount on purchase of diet foods.

Eat the right food first

The foods listed above, especially the fruits, should be eaten before other calorie-laden foods. Why? They have been found to get digested faster than your meats and cooked vegetables. This means your raw fruits and vegetables could start fermenting in your digestive tract as they wait for the cooked food to be assimilated. So eat the raw negative calorie foods first and let them fill you up so you have less room for cooked foods. This is a sure-fire weight loss tactic.

What are your thoughts?

What is your opinion of the “negative calorie” foods? Do you think you can lose weight eating more of them?

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