Self Control in Weight Loss Diets

One of the key ingredients, if not THE key ingredient to healthy and sustainable diet and weight loss is to get to that stage where you can really have control over what you eat. I don’t mean controlling your food intake in a manic way this is what leads to most eating disorders what I mean is having the power to say no to the bad, saying yes to the good and knowing when to ease of or kick-start your diet again to keep your progress healthy and keep you happy with the results.

So how do you go about doing this? Some of us have a natural focus and the ability to hone our bad habits down and cut the crap from our diets, but for other people it’s really not that simple.

The first thing to do is check out the low calorie food alternatives, you don’t have to cut out every food you’ve every liked. For one thing you can get delicious alternatives at a fraction of the fat and calorie count, and if you cut out all of your favourite foods you’re much more likely to cave in. Slowly slowly catch a monkey.

For example soya milk is a delicious alternative to dairy with a fraction of the calories. It’s also packed with nutrients and proteins so your body won’t be going without, just those annoying fat cells. Soya milk is becoming more popular by the day. The rising number of lactose intolerant and vegans in our society means that soya milk is no longer a niche item you’ll only find down the health food stores it’s pretty much stocked on the shelves of every supermarket.

So what’s your next step if you’ve been on a diet for a while, cut out all the rubbish you’d normally eat, and you’re still finding it a challenge? Have you ever considered a meal replacement diet? These diets aren’t as rigid and taste a hell of a lot better than they used to. When the majority of us hear ‘meal replacement diet’ we just think of shakes that taste like cardboard and hollow snack bars but trust me when I say this isn’t right anymore.

Today’s meal replacement diets have been created by nutritionists and doctors, so they’re packed with all the goodness you need but with a fraction of the calories. Most of the meals can be eaten on their own, or are designed to be padded out with as much fresh fruit and veg as you can handle so there is no chance of you going hungry.

Meal replacement diets can work wonders for people struggling to shed the extra pounds, or people struggling to keep focus and self-control on their diet. These diets provide all the food you need so the temptation to waver on your meals or sneak naughty morsels in here and there is massively cut.

The key thing to remember with healthy dieting is that it pretty much works on one idea less in, more out, lots of fruit and veg. If you stick to those rules you can’t go wrong, but if you need a helping hand along the way then meal replacement diets can really be your thing, along with fatty food substitution and determination!

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