Do Treadmills Deliver A Good Cardio Workout?

Treadmills are one of the most popular, if not the most popular
exercise machine to workout on. Whether it be your local gym, or your own home gym studio, treadmills are one of the first things people purchase to exercise on and there is good reason for that statement. Walking, jogging and running are some of the most popular exercises people get involved in. There is very little start up costs other than purchasing some comfortable sports gear and training shoes. Then all you need is to find a route to walk, jog or run. Routes can be found either in the city, or out in the country-side.

One of the more popular reasons for using a treadmill is that it offers its user a great cardio workout. Mid-range modern treadmills now offer an abundance of workout programs to choose from. Some of these programs would include the following – Manual workout, weight loss workout, cardio program, heart rate training etc. These programs help to give you a variety of cardio workouts. Whenever I am using my own treadmill, the program I use most is the variety workout course. This basically offers you the chance to workout on different challenge courses like steep hill walking, running on various incline’s etc.

Treadmills offer more then just a good cardio workout. Aside from the fact that they offer a cardio workout and a variety of workout program options, they also give you the option of working out at home as apposed to outdoors. Winters can be cold and dangerous for that matter and exercising on a treadmill at home offers you comfort and safety. Modern treadmills also have their own unique soft cushion belt, which helps the user to reduce impact on areas such as their knees, ankles, joints, hips etc. If you have sensitive joints, you’ll appreciate this technology.

Another cool thing about modern treadmills is that they come with special features such as heart rate monitors, distant counters and time traveled etc. These help you track your workout progress. Above all, they are very simple to use and even the most admitted technophobe, can navigate their way through the controls.

Another similar machine that offers a great cardio workout is the elliptical trainer. The advantage it has over the Treadmill is that it offers an upper body workout. The handles in which you hold onto provide a forward-backward motion. Most elliptical trainers will also give you the ability you to pedal in reverse, which helps you to workout different muscles on your legs.

According to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, the incline-adjustment features and speed settings that you find on a treadmill can offer more intense configurations as apposed to an elliptical trainer. What this does is make your workout a lot more effective on a treadmill machine in terms of calorie burning and cardio workout.

To conclude, Treadmills do deliver a good workout and many people use them for the purposes of losing weight, maintaining fitness levels and performing intense cardio workouts. If you are interested in working out your upper body, perhaps investing into an elliptical trainer will be more appropriate for your needs.

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