Anti Candida Diet Guidelines

If you are trying to fight the nasty Candida albicans that may be making you sick, then you’ll need to know the anti Candida diet guidelines, so you can knock them out cold and reclaim your health.

Let’s start by getting the bad news out of the way and talk about what foods you have to avoid, at least for a while until you get the bacteria under control.

  • All sugars and sweeteners, including fruit, fruit concentrates, honey, syrups, malts, artificial sweeteners, and any other sweet thing you might think you could get away with…you won’t. Candida feed mainly off sugar!
  • All types of mushroom and fungi
  • Vinegars, and all sauces and condiments containing vinegars or fermented ingredients such as soy sauce, pickles, salad dressings
  • All forms of yeast
  • All dairy products except yoghurt and cottage cheese
  • All alcoholic beverages
  • Hydrogenated oils like vegetable oils, margarine, canola, grape seed
  • Spicy seasonings like chili and curries that can kill the good bacteria that you need

Okay at this point you may be looking at the list and wondering exactly what you can eat when all those foods are off the list. Don’t worry, there are still loads of things to eat, it just takes a little getting used to.

What foods can you eat on the anti Candida diet?

  • All the fresh or frozen vegetables you like. There are so many to choose from so you should never get bored on this one
  • Whole grains
  • Eggs
  • Nuts and seeds except peanuts and that includes wonderful nut and seed butters
  • Rice or almond milk
  • All the wonderful array of fresh and dried herbs as well as sea salt and pepper
  • Olive oil and coconut oil
  • Red meats
  • Chicken and poultry
  • Fish and seafood
  • Organ meats if you like them
  • Herbal teas

So as you can see there is a wide selection you can still choose from. Yes it means you may have to learn a few culinary skills you may not have had before. Yes it means you will have to learn to eat new foods. But all is not lost; you will still be able to eat loads of nice things.

Here’s an example of what a typical day might look like

*For breakfast you will eat a huge loaded omelet filled with turkey meat and vegetables. Or you could have some Candida friendly bread with nut butter or avocado and tomato.

*For lunch you might eat a hearty beef stew, a salad with fish, or chicken patties and vegetables.

*For dinner it may be some meatloaf with baked potato and roast vegetables, a homemade pizza, or stir-fry rice noodles with beef and vegetables.

*Snacks would be sliced vegetables dipped in nut butter, guacamole, or hummus, or some leftover meat cuts.

It’s really not the end of the world to have to follow an anti Candida diet. You’ll still be eating like a king (or queen) and within no time at your symptoms will pass and you’ll be able to start introducing a few of your favorite meals once again.

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