2 Big Reasons Why Bloggers Battle with Weight Gain That Leads to Obesity

Obesity, unfortunately, is a very common phenomenon among full-time bloggers. Weight gain doesn’t happen overnight, it is something that develops as a hazard of blogging and gradually takes shape due to the lifestyle nuances and poor diet practices associated with blogging.

There are many reasons why bloggers gain weight. In this article, we are going to identify the two most common causes.

1. The blogger lifestyle and diet

Lifestyle choices that affect people who blog are one of the most basic factors that greatly influence weight gain for people in this profession. Consuming huge quantities of calories coupled with unhealthy food choices such as junk food is a huge contributing factor that leads to additional weight gain and obesity. Some unhealthy foods that most bloggers consume are:

  • Foods rich in trans fats, junk foods and canned meat
  • Avoiding vegetables and fruits, unrefined carbs and wholemeal products and substituting them with fast food.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption- a lot of people don’t know that alcohol contains a lot of calories.
  • Takeout food from restaurants and fast food chains can contribute heavily to excessive weight loos and obesity in general.
  • Binging is a common practice that bloggers do. Eating portions that are too big or more than what the body requires leads to the accumulation of fat deposits.Portioning is the key here. Spitting your daily calorie allowance into several small portions is the secret of the world’s most successful weight loss programs, such as Nutrisystem and Medifast.
  • Stress foods such as chocolate, ice cream and sweets are examples of depression mechanisms that bloggers use but aren’t very effective in providing a real solution. They only make you gain weight faster.

2. Lack of exercise

The job of a blogger entails sitting in front of the computer for prolonged hours, in a stationary position with no opportunity for physical activity or exercise. Lack of exercise leads to significant weight gain and is a contributing factor that directly relates to obesity in general. Bloggers have jobs that need them to sit on that desk the whole day, and for relaxation from a whole day of mental stress- people generally retreat to the couch and watch television or play PC games which are also stationary activities that don’t promote weight loss. When the body is inactive, the energy it stores becomes converted to fat deposits.

There are several medical conditions that may contribute to weight gain and that a blogger may have. Diabetes for example creates a high risk for obesity in people as well as hypothyroidism. Certain medications also contribute to weight gain; corticosteroids for one have been known to precipitate weight gain as well as certain antidepressants. Contraceptives for women have also been found to create weight. Also, there are some people who have a specific genetic predisposition to obesity and this is fairly common even in people who don’t blog. Based on your body morphoses you will either stay the same weight category all your life or if you have a high predisposition to obesity then the blogger lifestyle will truly push you to gain weight quickly.

It is a good idea to visit your doctor regularly and discuss your lifestyle requirements. Visiting a doctor to discuss diet and health issues is something most bloggers ignore and later pay the price. Ask your doctor to recommend suitable exercise and diet to suit your particular medical and lifestyle needs.

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