Keeping your Figure After the Wedding

The big day finally arrived. The cake has been eaten and the presents opened. You probably did a lot of work to get in shape for possibly the most photo-centric day of your life. At this point, many women decide to give up on their diet and exercise routines. The end goal has been reached, so it makes sense to slack. However, your hard work has placed you in a fantastic position and it will never be easier to maintain this level of fitness than right now. It’s much easier to maintain or slowly improve a physique than it is to acquire a new one. So follow these tips to keep that bridal body deep into your marriage.

Post-Wedding Weight Gain Causes

According to “Fitness Magazine,” married women gain an average of nine pounds during the first five years of marriage. Married women gain more weight than single women. There could be a large number of reasons why women decide to let their diet go south following a wedding. Since they are no longer dating, they may not feel as much effort is required for them to appear attractive to their mates. Women may also begin picking up some of their new spouses’ poor eating habits. Other responsibilities, like moving into a new home or post wedding payments can make fitness appear low on the priorities list.

Moreover, a honeymoon seems like the ideal time to overindulge in high calorie food and beverages. The last thing on your mind is probably hitting the gym at your honeymoon resort. Another reason that women give up their fitness routine is that they are given false information by friends and family members. Girlfriends may warn you that your body will never be the same after having a baby. This could make you go lax on your diet and exercise routine if you’re planning on a pregnancy in the near future. But, again, it will never be easier to maintain the body you have than right now.

Honeymoon Hustle

Just because you’re more likely to gain weight after marriage, it doesn’t have to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Recognizing poor eating and exercise behaviors before they occur can make a significant difference. There are also plenty of support tools available to avoid weight gain.

Your post-wedding diet plan should begin immediately. You can still enjoy your honeymoon without going overboard by making small, smart decisions. Eat long romantic dinners. In general, taking a long time to eat a meal can help you consume less. When we eat quickly, your hand can easily get a head of your stomach. This is why people accidently overstuff or feel uncomfortable after too-quick meals. Leisurely eating is commonplace in European countries with drastically less national weight issues.

Even if you don’t go to the gym on the honeymoon, you can still burn calories by participating in active vacation excursions such as hiking, kayaking or swimming. Paddle boarding, snorkeling and rock climbing are more of the many fun, adventurous activities that can keep you moving while you enjoy vacation. Make sure to plan a few active things into all of your vacations.

Staying on Track

Once you get home, keep up with the good habits. If you’re not a member of a gym, join one. Being around other fit people is a great motivator, and if you are paying for a gym you’ll feel guilty for bad attendance. To save on membership costs, you can look for fitness coupons online. Use workout equipment at home as well. Exercise videos, hand weights, resistance bands and cardio machines are all helpful for home workouts. It’s much easier to stay with a workout that can be simplified and done at home. It’s better to create a more approachable routine that you’ll stay with than overdoing it.

Watch your calorie intake as well. A food journal may be helpful for tracking intake on a daily basis. Keep counts low by consuming plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. A svelte physique is just as dependent on the kitchen as it is the gym. Cutting soft drinks and sugary fruit juices from your diet can be the fastest way to slash calorie intake. High fat cheeses and empty calories from high salt, high sugar foods are other big diet missteps that tend to plague Americans.

Success will not be difficult as long as you’re able to put in the time and effort into maintaining your weight. If you fall off track, don’t worry. It’s never too late to get your best shape back.


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