How to Diet and Exercise for Weight Loss and Blog for Money Even When You’re Feeling Lazy

There are lots of reasons to go on a diet, workout in a gym and to blog, but we always seem to find better reasons not to. “This bed is really comfortable”, “I have nothing to blog about”, “It’s too hot/cold/rainy/windy outside to go for a run”, “I’ll start dieting from next week”. These are some of the most common excuses.

The Common Reason Weight Watchers and Bloggers Fail
One of the main reasons weight loss and blogging goals fail is because people give up before they’ve really given themselves a chance to succeed. A big part of this is finding the motivation to get up and get going—whether it’s to go for a run, make a healthy breakfast, or write a stunning blog post.

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To help you get motivated, here are a few tips for would-be fitness enthusiasts and bloggers alike.

1. Prepare the Environment

If you keep your dumbbells in your creepy basement, use your treadmill as a clothes drying rack, blog on your couch with the TV on, or otherwise hinder yourself from attaining your fitness and blogging goals, it’s time for a change. Preparing the right environment for certain activities cannot be overemphasized because the right surroundings have a huge impact in your desire to do something.

Here are some tips that apply to blogging and weight loss:
• Create an area where you can write without distraction.
• Buy a desk or clear the dining room table and designate that area for writing only.
• Keep your desk clean so you can’t use cleaning as a procrastination activity, and keep out kids and pets.
Weight loss
• If you work out at home, set up an area that is for working out only—not for laundry or sleeping.
• Discipline yourself to have the same time for your workout routine every week. Maintain this time religiously.
• Fill up your fridge with diet foods.

Once you have these designated areas free of distractions, it will be much easier to focus on your goals.

2. The Ten-Minute Rule

Ten minutes is hardly anything. If you can get motivated to exercise or write for ten minutes, you won’t lose much of your day. Whenever I try this tip, it usually turns out that I’m fine to keep working on my blog or work out in the gym for longer than 10 minutes. With the 10-minute rule you just trick your brain to get it going.

3. Get Dressed Appropriately

If you’re psyching up to start writing, put on your “office” clothes. It sounds silly, but it’s very easy to just sit at your computer in your pajamas and stare at the screen. If you put on office clothes then you will feel more alert and in professional mode than if you’re in pajamas.

The same goes for exercising—put on your workout clothes before you start making excuses for why you can’t work out. If I’m planning a morning workout, I sometimes sleep in the clothes I plan to workout in. This way, I cut down on the de-motivating preparation before my workout and I can just roll out of bed and onto the running paths.

4. Surround Yourself With Inspiration

Subscribe to fitness magazines, get RSS feeds from your favorite fitness or blogging sites, turn on the TV to watch very fit people moving around and getting more fit, read your favorite blogs, or post pictures of your ideal abs/thighs/whatever next to your running shoes. Sometimes overwhelming outside motivation can be the best way to get up and get working.

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