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With winter gone and ushering of spring all of us wait to see the sun and enjoy the bounties showered by it. Wearing light cotton clothes is a great change from the heavy woolens and sweaters we wore till a week ago. When you take out spring clothes to wear you realize that you’ve indeed put on weight as you couldn’t go on your usual work out or exercise routine during winter months. It happens. Most of us, who’ve the tendency to put on weight, do so during winter. So, don’t panic. There is nothing unusual here. You may think that using Native Remedies Coupons and Time to spa coupons can help you to de-stress. But that is only temporary. What you need to do now is to shed that weight and get back to normal shape. This is possible with eating the right diet and exercising out in the open. Here are some tips to maintain your weight and eat better to remain in great health.
Juices squeeze out the fat
Instead of having bacon or bagels for breakfast have two glasses of organic fruit juice. Fresh lime, farm fresh water melon or orange juice is ideal for cleansing the insides and keeps your colon and digestive system in optimum health. If you’re prone to constipation then it is ideal to drink fresh fruit juices, first thing in the morning. This is perfect for detox. If you still feel hungry, munch on an apple to keep off hunger pangs.
Salad diet helps to keep hunger at bay
Eating salads for lunch helps to burn the excess fat. Veggies like tomatoes, spinach, carrots and broccoli contain vitamins and minerals that help the body to balance its nutritional requirements. Avoid carbohydrates for the first week. After a week you can take brown rice or bread along with the salad. If you’re a non-vegetarian then add tuna fish to your diet. Shrimps can be added to your salad too. Tuna milk is ideal for weight loss. Thin slices of meat and fish can be taken for lunch along with the vegetables. Eating plenty of salads made up of fresh fruits and vegetables can be filling as well as nutritious to the body.
Smoothies help to flatten stomach
Smoothies help to keep a check on your weight as well as fill the stomach. After a hard days work you’re ravenous when you come home and feel like eating anything that you can lay your hands on. This is when you need to curb your urge. If you start snacking on fries at this time your effort for weight loss is gone. Instead have a bowl of soup and smoothies for dinner. Spinach, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, coriander, lentils are ideal to make smoothies.
All you need to do is to boil the vegetables and put it through a blender. Add salt and pepper to taste. If you wish to thicken it a bit use two spoons of corn flour sauce to do so. Having a bowl of smoothies and soup should be enough to fill your stomach; If not take a slice or two of brown bread along with it. Finally eat fresh fruits for dessert. Succulent strawberries will help to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Combine a strict diet of fruits, vegetables and water with exercise like walking or jogging at least three times in a week will definitely help you to shed the extra kilos you gained during winter. With in a couple of weeks you’ll be back in great shape and be the envy of your peers.

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