Micronutrients and Your Quest For Ripped Abs

There’s a lot of discussion on the macronutrients — carbs, fats, and proteins — but not as much discussion on micronutrients. It’s very important that if you’re going to try to get this ripped and shredded lean body that you’re dreaming about, you need to be aware of these things.

Gone are the days where we want to just train mindlessly. It is through targeted and mindful training that we actually have a chance of getting the body that we ultimately want. Keep that in mind and there’s really no limit to what you can pull off with your body.

Most people know about the Vitamins A, D, E, and K as well as the B-vitamins and Vitamin C. Veggies and fruits tend to take care of these requirements nicely, so make sure that you eat your veggies and fruits regularly!

The fiber from these plants also has the bonus of keeping you regular! Let’s go over the minerals that often get overlooked in bodybuilding as well as regular fitness circles.

Chromium is truly the king of the fat metabolizers — if you want to get rid of the fat, you’re going to need chromium.

There was a time where most thought it was downright impossible to be deficient in chromium, but that’s not the case anymore. This means that if you really want to lose fat and gain more muscle, you’re going to need to get chromium in your system.

If you’re going to supplement, we recommend chromium picolinate — it helps the body maintain normal blood sugar levels as well as the fat metabolism benefits.

If you don’t have a diet that’s high in dairy, you’ll need to get calcium supplements. Some people use crushed up eggshell powder, but you can go with other supps for this if you want.

Calcium transports both protein and creatine to the muscle cells, which means calcium is one of the most important micronutrients there is out there!

However, we really don’t want to forget about magnesium here. Your body will use up a lot of magnesium whether you realize it or not — magnesium is something that just about every system of the body uses. Magnesium can be found in meat, poultry and fish, so there’s plenty of different sources for you to choose from.

For men, supplementing with iron really isn’t necessary, but it is for women since they have a monthly menstrual period. Red meat can give you just about all of the iron you could possibly ask for, so supplementation really isn’t an issue when you think about it.

Potassium plays a huge role in a lot of different systems of the body. You can find potassium in avocados, bananas, citrus fruits, leafy vegetables, fish and unprocessed meats.

Athletes (which you are one if you are seeking those ripped abs) use up a lot of magnesium and potassium in great amounts, so you will need to supplement in order to stay ahead of the game.

So what does potassium actually do? It is path of the ATP pump / pathway of supplying energy to the body. In fact, chances are good that you could be low on potassium and notice it only through lack of energy and movement.

The more you move, the more your body will be crying out for potassium as much as possible. Supplementation isn’t a bad idea, and there are many high quality supplements on the market.

The Road From Here
Whenever you try to go for better micronutrient coverage, it would be a wise idea to track your food. The more you track, the more you know whether or not you’re actually getting the nutrients now. If you are getting the nutrients, then you already know that you’re doing all of the right things.

You can then move onto something else. However, if you don’t have all of the micronutrients, then you will have to continue changing up your food / supplementation plan until you have this covered. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t take long at all!

Yes, there are a lot of estimates involved but that doesn’t mean you won’t come pretty close to figuring out what your body needs — start today!

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