You Are What You Eat!

Eating better

Some of us are born with underlying fat and some are fortunate enough to possess an hour-glass figure. So, we’ve the endomorphs that seem plump and fleshy, the ectomorphs who are thin and wiry and the mesomorphs who are neither on the plumper side, nor are lanky. While we have no control over our genes, we can manage to fit into shapely jeans! Apart from weight reduction programs that make us shake every muscle in the body, another simple, yet effective technique is eating the right type of food.

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Fatty, starchy, sugary savory food are every man’s dream, sweet temptations can hardly remain sweet. The trick is to consume whole, fiber rich food, rich in the body’s requirements of adequate protein, vitamins and minerals. What we eat, when we consume these and in what proportion all go in making how we build ourselves. Brown rice, plenty of salad, brown bread, red wine, sprouts, bowl full of cereals, vegetables, pulses and fruits ensure the body receives all nutrients in adequate supply. Tuna fish, thin slices of meat and chicken added to your sandwich can help to keep your weight in check. Avoiding or consuming less of non-vegetarian food not only keeps one trim, but also keeps dangerous diseases caused due to poisoning of pork etc at bay!

Quick healthy meals to make on the run

When we race against time, where is the time to cook a simple meal? The idea is to snack on whatever is available. Proteins are a plentiful in a handful of nuts. Tossing in carrots, cucumber, onions, grated cabbage, tomatoes in minutes ensures you get your raw nutrients. Substitute sugar with jaggery; salt with lime juice. Fresh fruit juices, coconut water and sugarcane juice can boost your energy levels. Grapes are known for low calories. Do give your thanksgivings to the humble pumpkin, known to have only 40 calories. Green tea apart from being an antioxidant, reduces cholesterol, increases metabolism rate and maintains blood sugar level. How much and at what intervals we consume healthful food is also very vital.

Sticking to only bowls of the required food, eating all kinds of food and consuming enough water can help. Some people believe that gulping cold water before meals shrinks the capacity of the stomach, thereby reducing the intake. Others confine to only one helping of their favorite desert once a week!

Water, the elixir of life

Drinking around eight glasses of water a day keeps the stomach clear of toxins. Also it hydrates the skin making it glow with vitality. It is good to drink water first thing in the morning and before going to bed at night. This helps in bowel movement. Water also helps to get rid of constipation and stomach pain. It helps in digestion of the food we eat and keeps fatigue at bay. Drinking fruit juices and other fluids also help in take of water. Eating the right foods and drinking enough water can help you to lead a trouble free life. So, by drinking enough water you can drink to your health and happiness.

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