Add Some Splash: 5 Creative Ways to Drink Your Water

Our bodies are composed of 70% water. No wonder health experts always stress the importance of drinking 8 full glasses a day. Water helps flush out the toxins that can make us sick; can reduce the signs of aging; help protect our brains; and most importantly can help us control our weight—this is because water, which is naturally calorie-free, not only increases our metabolism, flushes away fat deposits, and can reduce bloating, but it can also prevent us from snacking since often times our brain’s mistake hunger for thirst. It’s the ultimate miracle beverage. But unfortunately most don’t drink enough of it. In fact, 10% of Americans don’t drink water at all, and 28% only drink two glasses a day, according to a 2009 Rockefeller University survey.

Glass of Water

Our bodies are 70% water


It’s not really clear why consumers don’t drink their recommended daily dose of water, but it may be that it’s just too boring compared to its sugary sweet counterpart—soda. But soda has been linked to various health ailments—and all those empty calories just pack on the pounds. That said, to make water “interesting” so you can consume the required daily intake, try some of these ideas listed below.


  1. Drink Sparkling Flavored Water: Some people love soda because they become addicted to the carbonation. If it’s the bubbles you crave, get some sparkling flavored water instead. It has just the same amount of fizz but doesn’t come with all of the health complications associated with soda.
  2. Substitute Green Tea for Soda/Coffee: If it’s the caffeine that you crave, drink some green tea instead. Green tea, which is essentially just herb -infused water, can help you meet your daily water intake without the harsh side effects that soda and coffee can have on your waist –no sugar and cream keep it calorie-free. Not to mention that green tea (which is the least processed type of tea) has been linked to a variety of health benefits, including the ability to fight cancer and other diseases.
  3. Eat More Watery Fruits/Soups: A good percentage of our water intake is actually derived from the foods that we eat. Thus, eating particularly “watery foods” is an excellent way to get the necessary water intake without just drinking a glass of water. Some of the best fruits to include in your diet due to their high water volume include strawberries, cantaloupe, apples, tomatoes pineapples, cucumbers, and broccoli. Don’t forget about broth based soups either—they can provide a hearty meal loaded with nutrients as of course H20.
  4. Add Crystal Light: While adding a packet of sugar-free Crystal Light powder mix into a glass of water won’t necessarily make your beverage calorie free, it’s still a good way to add some flavor to your  water without turning to fruit juices that are high in sugar and fructose syrup.
  5. Watered Down-Juice. Like mentioned above, while 100% juices are a healthier alternative to soda, even juices that say they’re sugar-free still contain tons of “natural sugar” and are loaded with calories. They’re better than soda, but not by much. If you must have a glass of juice for some variety, at least water it down. You won’t even taste the difference and you’ll add to your water intake.

Of course these aren’t the only ways to drink the necessary glasses of water a day. Can you think of some more?

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