What are the Best Sports for Quick Weight Loss?

To lose 1 pound in weight you need to burn 3500 calories, as you can imagine this can be extremely difficult.

However to make it easier and more fun you should try participating in a sport that you enjoy.

It has been shown that certain sports can help you to burn around 1000 calories for every hour spent playing.

Swimming, running, kickboxing and soccer have been shown in a recent study to be the best sports for quick weight loss, and best of all they can be fun.

Swimming for Weight Loss

Swimming can be an incredible sport for weight loss; you could use the local pool or the ocean it really doesn’t matter.

Swimming can help burn more calories than any other sport. You will also be using every muscle in order to swim, so this is a good sport for toning up your body too.

Weight loss is not the only benefit as swimming regularly can give you a great cardio workout while lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol.

Stress levels can also be reduced along with your risk of suffering heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

To get the best results from swimming it is a good idea to alternate your stroke every 5 or so minutes. You may start with the breaststroke for example but then you should change to something different.

If you have not swum for a while it is not a good idea to spend an hour or more swimming, try starting slow and slowly build up your time and distance.

One final tip is to make sure you do not eat just before your swim, leave at least 90 minutes so that you can prevent cramp from occurring.

Running for Weight Loss

Running or jogging is a simple way to lose weight as they can be done anywhere. As with swimming though you will need to start slowly as your body will not be ready for marathon just yet.

When running you will be getting a good cardio workout with your heart and lungs being pushed to their limit, while your legs will start building more lean muscle.

If you ever feel stressed then running is ideal as you can take your mind off what is stressing you out. Just remember to take your MP3 player to ward off any boredom.

Kickboxing for Weight Loss

Another great sport to slim down is kickboxing, which can help you to burn calories while you take out your anger on a punch bag.

The longer you take part the more benefit you will gain, as your speed, power, balance and agility will all be improved.

Kickboxing is a great sport that will give your heart and lungs a good workout, while your stress levels will be reduced and endurance levels boosted.

Each hour kickboxing should help you to burn between 300-700 calories so whatever your age or weight with kick boxing you will be able to lose weight fast.

Soccer for Weight Loss

You can play soccer indoors or out and unless you play in goal is a great way to burn calories.

Playing soccer will mean your body is constantly on the move, speeding up, slowing down and changing direction.

Soccer can help you to burn a few hundred calories every hour, but as the games are fun and intense you will not realise how much weight you are actually losing.

When you were young you would play sports all day, now that you are older perhaps it is time you started again.

Playing sports is an excellent way to burn off those calories and to quickly lose weight.

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