How to Track Your Beach Body Results

Ready for the Beach!

Ready for the Beach!

When summer comes around, everybody gears up for the beach. The winter months could have added on a few pounds so you want to lose a bit of fat to show off at the beach. There are some applications for keeping track of your water intake, food intake and even some which function as a personal trainer. There is a range of weight loss and fitness programs by Beachbody such as Slim in 6 and P90x. Your progress can be tracked by using body fat calipers which are like big clips and a Turbo Tracker for keeping your entries. Programs are geared for different needs but the same tools can be used for progress tracking. For undertaking the Beachbody regime, you will have to change your eating habits and exercise regularly. The main beach body muscles including the chest, back, abdomen and arms are all located in the upper body. If your follow the instructions well you can be assured of a fit body before taking your first plunge in the water.


1. Body fat calipers

These measure your weekly readings from different areas by monitoring your health and tracking your progress in fitness. The different zones of your body are covered by this simple exercise of pinching your chest skin area between the nipple and the armpit. The mid-axillary pinches the skin on the side at level with your raised arm and nipple. The subpraillic pinches an inch diagonally on your abdominal region just above your hip bone. The abdominal vertically pinches an inch to the side of the navel. For the thigh, it pinches on the top of your thigh vertically midway between thigh and knee. The triceps pinch vertically on the back of the arm midway between the shoulder and elbow. The subscapular diagonally pinches your back.

You can enter your readings in the Turbo Track along with body fat percentage readings entered in the calculator. Keep weekly track of these readings and comparing the progress of your exercise and diet.

Turbotracker Journal

Turbotracker Journal

2. Turbo tracker journal

This is a notebook to make your entries on your daily food intake, your feelings and workouts.

  • Note down everything you consume with calorie breakdowns like fat, carbohydrates and protein. To simplify the determination of calorie breakdowns, use MyFitnessPal or Fitday.
  • Note down your mood and your general feelings each day. This includes your level of hunger, tiredness and motivational confidence. This can help in determining how you feel with the foods you are eating.
  • Note entry on the duration and exercises and weight used as it will help in charting your progress and endurance level as weeks go by.

While this may sound enticing enough for you, you must remember that no fitness program or weight loss should be carried out without first consulting with your doctor. How much weight you need to lose, how you go lose and whether you need to lose any should first be examined by a doctor. Making your doctor an equation in your fitness regime is essential since many people could have different health problems. Your doctor can best help in determining as to what program is best suited for your health

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