Why Does Stomach Fat Build Up?

In your quest for a tight stomach you may have heard that all fat is built in the body because of poor exercising habits and a bad diet. While this is true in most cases of excess fat, there also other components that can be influencing in size of your stomach.

Stomach fat is not created equal, and in this article you’ll learn other causes of it.


Our metabolism is something that slows down over the years. We can have the same diet for all our life and do the same exercises but as we grow old we still gain fat, because we need to adjust our habits to the differences. Slower metabolism means that you have to do more exercise to keep it running.

Genetic Disposition

Sometimes your body type influences you. There are people who store most of the fat in the abdomen, while there are other people who have the fat evenly spread on their bodies. These also has to do with is often called the apple body type and the pear body type.

Bad Posture

A bad posture can make your stomach stand out. Stand straight and do back exercises to strengthen your back and allow it to hold your posture. One trick: Think you have a string from the top of your head to your spine, and feel as someone is pulling it.

Night Eating

Many people are guilty of this crime! Sometimes you control yourself all day, just to eat all night. This is terrible because eating at late hours is no good to lose weight. You should stop eating at 6:00pm. When you go to bed with a full stomach you won’t be burning the calories. If you are hungry eat something light or proteins.


Menopause makes body fat to locate in certain places on the body with one of the most common areas being in the midsection.


Stress is a killer, I said it before and I’ll keep saying it. Besides all the negative effects it has in our minds it also affects our bodies. Under stressful situations, the body releases cortisol, a hormone that increases the production of sugar in the bodies. This in turn makes feel hungry.

Bad Digestion

This causes bloating that may result in a bigger looking stomach. Beware because this also has to do with stress.

In Conclusion

While the factors above can certainly contribute to adding stomach fat to your waistline, if you really want to see results, you can’t avoid the fact that you need to change your diet. It may sound like a pain the butt, but it’s the plain and simple truth.  There’s no other way actually, and you’ll find this advice on all pages like this one you are reading right now. Sure, stomach exercises will certainly help, but your diet is the biggest contributing fact to getting a toned stomach.

If you are concerned about an excessive amount of belly fat when following a strict weight gain program, you should find that the more muscle mass that you put onto your scrawny body will make your body look more symmetrical. You can always worry about reducing body fat levels once you have gained your desired weight.

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