How to Break Through Your Dieting Plateau


You have worked very hard on your diet and fitness goals.  The weight was coming off steadily until suddenly you feel like no matter what you do you can’t lose any more.  You are not alone; plenty of people who are committed to conscious eating and healthy lifestyles hit dieting plateaus.  Here are a few tips to help pass the plateau and get you back on track to your weight loss and fitness goals.

Increase the intensity of your workout

If you are working out 15 to 45 minutes a day, try adding another 15 minutes.  If you are already working out 90 minutes a day, try adding more intensity or strength training, which helps your body burn more calories even when at rest.  Remember to always take at least one day off a week from your workout though.  Your body needs the rest.

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Keep a food journal

If you keep a food journal of everything you put in your mouth, you might find you are mindlessly consuming calories when you have a spoonful of this and a lick of that. Given today’s technology, keep track by adding everything you eat to a notes section on your smartphone.  That way, you won’t forget to include that bite of office cake when you’re tallying your nightly totals.


Try rotating your cardio activity

Alternate between cycling, swimming, running, and jumping rope in your fitness routine.  Switching up your cardio exercises will keep your body guessing, target new muscles, and keep you focused and engaged because the exercise will not become boring.

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Check your fat consumption

Sometimes when we diet we are overly-conscious of eating foods with fat, and as a consequence our consumption of fat falls far below the recommended guidelines.  According to various nutrition experts, 30% of your total calories should consist of healthy fats per day.  If you find yourself constantly taking shortcuts to avoid the fat (taking the skin off the chicken, drinking skim milk, etc.), then you might only be getting around 10% of your calories in fat per day.  This is not enough for your body.


Ride it out

A plateau can be a great way to start learning weight loss maintenance.  Some plateaus are just your body adjusting to the weight loss. Hang in there and you may be back on track sooner than you think.


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