Why I chose the paleo diet for weight loss

As we all know, there are so many options when it comes to choosing a weight loss program, one that works too! And if you’re anything like me you might have tried a few, been going up and down in weight throughout your life, and become fed up with beating yourself up for not making progress.

Well I decided to change that for good and am working on maintaining a new lifestyle long term. And I thought it would help to shed some light on why I chose the paleo diet for weight loss this time round.

What Is The Paleo Diet?

If you haven’t heard of the paleo diet before, it is based on the diet of our Palaeolithic ancestors, you know, the caveman people. Okay, maybe we can’t go and kill a woolly mammoth, but just think about the kind of foods they might have eaten. They would have had fresh meat, fish and seafood, fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, nuts and seeds.

It is a diet that cuts out most dairy products, all grains, legumes, sugar, and processed foods. So basically that means it’s a pretty clean diet.

But the diet is not just a bunch of waffle. There is a lot of research coming out to support that this is the way we are genetically designed to eat. And it makes logical sense to me.

The Paleo Diet For Weight Loss

I chose paleo because I really wanted to change my whole lifestyle. I already knew my body did not react well to wheat and gluten products. I was sick of feeling bloated, and I had read a lot of reports of people gaining many health benefits out of eating a paleo diet.

Although I wanted to lose 38 pounds (17 kilos), what I wanted most was to feel great, have plenty of energy, and enjoy as much food as I wanted to. You see I LOVE food and I can’t stand measuring, weighing and counting calories and portions.

So deciding to go with the paleo diet was a fairly easy choice. Basically I could eat as much food as I wanted as long as I chose from the healthy paleo diet food groups. I would experience the health benefits that the paleo diet offered, and I would easily lose weight as a result.

I love this new paleo lifestyle, and it is not limiting or restrictive at all. I eat heaps of delicious paleo meals and now I’m encouraging others to get on track with their weight loss as well.

If people choose the paleo diet or not, that’s their choice, but I’m always here to offer my support because I know how hard it is to get started. And I’m passionate about sharing the wealth of good health.

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