Beating Stress & Anxiety with Essential Oils

We’ve all had our own share of stressful situations that may have caused us major anxiety.  Some may be able to handle these situations very well, but others don’t. If you are one of those who struggle with managing stress and anxiety, one Read more [...]
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5 Diet Habits for Healthy Skin

Often when we hear the word diet, we immediately envision carrot sticks, bunches of celery, and zero carbs. Thankfully, these old notions have been undergoing a radical makeover in recent years. Dieticians and doctors are erasing misconceptions about Read more [...]
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The Best Apps for Digital Food Journaling

On my previous article, I discussed the many benefits of using a Food Journal as a tool to help you achieve your diet goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  By simply recording what and when you eat, and noting down the emotions you feel prior Read more [...]
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The Benefits of a Food Journal

Accountability plays an important role in success.  Having the sense of obligation, responsibility and liability for every action helps an individual to follow through and achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations, whatever they may be. When it Read more [...]
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5 Ways to De-Stress Instantly

Stress, if not managed properly, can be a dangerous toxin in your life.  Sure, we all experience being in stressful situations from time to time.  Sometimes, it works positively by making us tougher and motivating us to work harder, but other times, Read more [...]
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How to Treat UTIs Naturally

Urinary Tract Infection – such a common condition, often ignored, yet poses a serious threat to your health if not given medical attention.   This type of infection has the ability to destroy the kidneys when left untreated. UTIs are a lot common Read more [...]
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