10 Home Remedies – To Get Moisture and Shine to Your Hair

Curl or straight, short or long, if your hair is smooth and shiny, then it will impress others. The external layer of hair contains natural moisture and oil that makes it shiny and healthy, if this layer is damaged then it will appear dry and unhealthy. Factors Read more [...]
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5 Health Benefits of Water fasting

The benefits of a water fast depends on its length. One week water fast can be taken up by the individuals who are knowledgeable with the advantages of the shorter one day and three day water fasts. One week water fast is more serious than a 3 day Read more [...]
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Understanding Type 2 Diabetes

Known as the diabetes capital of the world, India has 61.3 million individuals experiencing this dreadful lifestyle disease. Diabetes is a lifelong illness that influences the way your body handles glucose, a sort of sugar, in your blood. Most people Read more [...]
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5 Incredible Uses of Milk Of Magnesia

Milk of magnesia is also known as magnesium hydroxide. Magnesium is a natural mineral which is found in our body that enhances the function of muscles and nervous system. Milk of magnesia is prescribed by a doctor as a laxative for relieving constipation Read more [...]
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6 Home Remedies to Combat Against Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection(UTI) is a major concern amongst women. The chance of getting UTI is very high in women as urethra is shorter. Infections can happen in the urethra, bladder, ureters, and kidneys. Studies say that women are more prone to this Read more [...]
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7 Realistic Ways to Practice Mindful Eating

When it comes to eating healthy, actions and attitudes play very important roles.  It’s not just about what you put in our mouths, but also how you eat. However, in today’s modern age and culture, eating has become sort of a mindless act – Read more [...]
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