10 Kitchen Essentials for Healthy Cooking

  Cooking your own meals is the key to eating clean consistently and achieving a healthier and fitter body.  To help you prep healthy meals, you obviously need the right tools and healthy staple ingredients. Don’t worry; you don’t Read more [...]
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6 Ways to Beat Your Sugar Addiction

  Sugar is addictive.  One bite and it sets you up to crave for more.  And you know the negative effects of overloading on sugar – weight gain, tooth decay, increase in blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and higher risk for diabetes, Read more [...]
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Avoid These 6 Foods to Achieve a Flat Belly

No matter how many reps and sets of ab exercises you do, you’ll never achieve a flat tummy if you don’t eat the right kind of food.  I’m sure you already know that junk foods, soda, alcohol and refined grains should be avoided but the ones Read more [...]
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6 Ways to Get Out of a Fitness Rut

There really comes a point when a person starts to become uninspired and bored with a fitness routine, no matter how devoted he or she is.  If you feel like you are stuck in a fitness rut, don’t worry… it happens to the best of us.  But the Read more [...]
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5 Physical Signs of Depression to Watch Out For

Most of us are aware of the emotional symptoms of depression – loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, feelings of sadness, hopelessness and worthlessness to name a few.  But only a few know that depression also comes with physical symptoms.  Read more [...]
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7 Korean Skin Care Tips for a Glowing and Flawless Skin

Koreans have been known to have such beautiful, radiant and flawless skin.  If you’re a fan of K-dramas and K-pop, you know what I mean. But aside from the genes that they are naturally born with, Korean Beauty Standards are very important in Read more [...]
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