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How to Stay on Your Diet During Summer Gatherings

In between barbecue parties, weddings, birthday dinners, functions and a lot more, staying on a diet is a lot harder when your social calendar is filled up with tons of summer gatherings. With all the sweets and high-calorie foods you … Continue reading

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4 Effective Ways to Get You Beach-Ready for the Summer

Don’t get me wrong, anybody can wear whatever they want at the beach.  There’s no rule saying that only those people with abs are allowed to wear bikinis or midriff beach attire. Everyone should love and be confident about the … Continue reading

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4 Ways to Protect Your Skin While Working Out Under the Sun this Summer

Summer is the perfect time to bring your workouts outdoors.  When the weather warms up, there are so many fitness activities that you can do – running, hiking, swimming, biking, conventional sports and so much more.  Outdoor workouts are just … Continue reading

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10 Effective ways to make your diet plan work properly

It is being said that a healthy mind leads to a healthy body and for each one of us, it is very important to be in shape. Also being healthy would keep you fresh all day long. Many people these … Continue reading

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How to Eat Healthy When You Hate Cooking

When it comes to eating healthy, cooking your own meals is the way to go. However, not everyone is gifted with culinary abilities to put together those fancy, colorful & healthy dishes. And for some, they’re just too busy to … Continue reading

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Avoid These 6 Foods to Achieve a Flat Belly

No matter how many reps and sets of ab exercises you do, you’ll never achieve a flat tummy if you don’t eat the right kind of food.  I’m sure you already know that junk foods, soda, alcohol and refined grains … Continue reading

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