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3 Important Aromatherapy Oils to Always Have at Home

Induces sleep, reduces anxiety, improves digestion, increases circulation and boosts energy levels – just a few of the many health benefits of Aromatherapy.  This type of complementary therapy uses plant materials and aromatic oils to alter one’s Read more […]

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What is a Mediterranean Diet?

For many years, The Mediterranean Diet has been one of the widely recommended diets by nutritionists and medical professionals alike because of its numerous health benefits that can prolong lives. So what really is The Mediterranean Diet and what Read … Continue reading

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5 Healthy Living Tips On How To Improve Brain Power

Has your mind been letting you down lately? Maybe you’re in need of a brain boost for your new projects. Whatever your case may be, the brain, just like any other part of our body, needs proper care and pampering … Continue reading

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Natural Sources of Calcium

Do you know the joke about the woman who takes her son to a museum to see the dinosaurs? Well, as soon as they walk in, the child spots a huge skeleton of Tyrannosaurus rex and is completely amazed. After … Continue reading

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5 Signs Of Healthy Skin: How To Test Yourself

Healthy skin is an asset: not only does it look smooth and beautiful, it also helps to protect and defend against injury and infection. Although we all want healthy skin, due to age, exposure, disease or genetics, we may not … Continue reading

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Benefits from Coffee

We all know how a cup of coffee is capable of waking us up and increasing our energy. That’s why people, including me, use coffee to start-up our day.  But aside from the energy boost, there are more surprising benefits … Continue reading

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