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5 Physical Signs of Depression to Watch Out For

Most of us are aware of the emotional symptoms of depression – loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, feelings of sadness, hopelessness and worthlessness to name a few.  But only a few know that depression also comes with physical … Continue reading

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5 Yoga Destinations to Heal Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Forget about aimless sightseeing, sun bathing and unnecessary shopping during vacation… that won’t do your health any good.  This year, heal your mind, body and spirit through Yoga retreats.  Whether you’re a pro Yogi or newbie, yoga retreats Read more … Continue reading

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6 Diet-Friendly Treats to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

I know, it’s always those sugar cravings that sabotage our diet… but not if we stay away from high calorie, high sugar and processed desserts.  You’re probably thinking – a sweet treat that is not high in sugar?  Really?  Heck … Continue reading

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8 Ways to Use Alexa to Manage Your Health

Alexa, Amazon’s voice-activated digital assistant that powers the Echo, Dot and Tap is unstoppable. It’s not just an overhyped gizmo with limited capabilities – it has over 3,000 skills that are actually useful.  Several companies have already Read more […]

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5 Healthy Meal Subscriptions for Busy Dieters

Most of the time, it’s our crazy schedule that hinders us from keeping up with our healthy diet.  With all the reports, meetings and errands, who has time for groceries, meal planning and cooking?  But thanks to whoever thought about … Continue reading

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Top 3 Affordable Healing Resorts in Asia

Asia is a home to the world’s most beautiful beaches, magnificent underwater life, lush green hills, and famed shopping districts.  There’s always something for everyone – whether you want to experience new outdoor adventures, taste authentic Read more […]

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