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Toni is a regular contributing author on Guest Diet Blog. In addition to writing about the nutrition & exercise, she also likes to write about relationships and health.

4 Common Signs That You Could be Low in Zinc

Z-I-N-C – I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but haven’t really bothered to know what it does for your health.  Zinc is one of the minerals that are often overlooked because only a very small amount is necessary for bodily … Continue reading

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6 Helpful Apps for Runners

Fall is considered the best time for running due to a number of reasons.  With an almost perfect weather and stunning fall colors you are surrounded with, who wouldn’t want to go outside for a morning jog or an afternoon … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Season for Running

Nothing beats the cool temperatures, crisp air, colorful hues, crunchy leaves, seasonal treats and festive vibe that the fall season offers.  No wonder it’s America’s favorite season ever. But fall isn’t all about changing leaves, bonfires, Read more […]

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Alexa’s Best Diet & Fitness Skills

With Amazon Alexa taking the world by storm, we have to admit that as much as it is making our lives easier, it’s also tolerating laziness among users.  If you’re not disciplined with your diet, it’s so easy to order … Continue reading

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3 Useful Smart Gadgets to Help You Lose Weight

Can technology really help you lose weight?  Well, the answer depends on which products you are actually looking at. If you mean products that claim to zap fats on your mid-section and tone your tummy, perhaps the answer is no.  … Continue reading

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4 Fitcation Ideas for Wanderlusts and Fitness Junkies

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic who wants to end the year with a boot-camp style vacation or someone who wants to jumpstart a healthier and more active lifestyle in the upcoming new year, going on a Fitcation (Fitness + Vacation) … Continue reading

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