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Marie Miguel is an avid internet researcher. She is fueled by her determination to answer the many questions she hasn't been able to find the answer to anywhere else. When she finds these answers she likes to spread the knowledge to others seeking help. She is always looking for outlets to share her information, therefore she occasionally has her content published on different websites and blogs. Even though she doesn't run one for herself she loves contributing to others.

Eating to Combat Mental Lethargy

“Let food be thy medicine,” said Hippocrates a very long time ago. It’s not so difficult to see his point. We all have to eat anyway and if you don’t choose your meals with utmost care, you can certainly throw … Continue reading

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Seasoning for Better Mental Health

Herbs and spices can add flavor and dimension to even the most insipid plate of vegetables. For thousands of years in various cultures, and in recent decades more scientifically, their surprising health benefits have also been recognized, including Read more … Continue reading

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