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The Importance of Proper Breathing

This may seem like a ridiculous subject considering that we take a breath every few seconds. There are surprising number of people, however, who experience breathing difficulties. Many choose to ignore the symptoms as they get used to breathing in … Continue reading

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How to Reverse T2 Diabetes

Can T2 diabetes really be reversed? Yes — provided it has not progressed to the point where your pancreas has complete given up the ghost. Even then, changing your diet can help — a lot. The starting point of “curing(*)” … Continue reading

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Can Diet and Exercise Affect Musical Performance?

I am a musician (in addition to having an interest in nutrition and health), so the following video caught my attention. This video addresses the question, “Do diet and exercise affect your musical performance?” Of course they do. In this … Continue reading

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Why You Should Avoid Carrageenan

Carrageenan, derived from red seaweed, is commonly used as food additive. You can find this ingredient in many processed foods like soymilk, chocolate, yoghurt, and ice cream. Carrageenan is a thickening agent that makes low fat or non-fat food products … Continue reading

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The Perfect Mantra to weight loss: KEEP GOING!

Sans age, weight and gender, the greatest conundrum of the era is to figure the easiest and the right way to lose weight. You may be health conscious, looks conscious or simply a subject of self-loathing but the idea of … Continue reading

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Infographic — How *NOT* to run a Marathon

The number of people running marathons for the first time is steadily increasing, as is the number of preventable running-related injuries and other problems. If you are thinking about running in a marathon (or a half-marathon), great! However, if Read … Continue reading

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