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My name is Borce Velkovski and I host website for healthy food giving helpful tips regarding healthy food and balanced diet. HealthyFoodHouse is informational and learning web site to help anyone who wants to learn how simple, easy and practical to eat. Eating healthy at the same time will improve their health and maintain their vitality, shape and energy. I’m working as a wellness couch, giving useful tips for losing weight, improving their lifestyle, and give big motivation to people who need that. Feel free to contact me at any time.

Want To Lose Weight? – Follow These Secret Weight Loss Tips

Despite all your efforts, you can’t reduce your weight. Even sadder, instead to lose, you gain more weight. You are going to the gym or fitness center three times a week, and you still can’t lose some pounds, but otherwise … Continue reading

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Tips And Foods For Fast Weight Loss

Do you want to look more beautiful and to have a nice shaped body? You don’t need to starve and keep some crazy diet. It is enough to change your eating habits. If you plan your daily meals, chew slowly, eat more fruit and vegetable and reduce high-fat foods, the results will be great. Continue reading

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