How does Dirt Biking Help you Stay Fit?

dirt biking

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Dirt biking is an intense sport that requires plenty of practice along with a lot of physical coordination and muscle engagement. Keeping your body fit and healthy by proper exercise is essential just like the way you keep your bike fit and protected by fixing various bike accessories.

It may come as a surprise to you but dirt biking in itself can be an excellent way to exercise. Riding a manual dirt bike instead of a motorized one would offer you a better amount of cardiovascular workout along with burning some extra calories here and there.

Here is how dirt biking helps you stay fit:

Increases heart rate

Riding a manual dirt bike increases your heart rate in a way that is similar to low-level endurance exercise like jogging. An average ride is seen to bring the rider’s heart rate to around 130, whereas vigorous ride on zigzag roads or involving lots of jumps and skids could get the heart rate to well around 150.  Best way to monitor your heart rate while dirt biking is to wear a heart rate monitor while riding.


Endurance means stamina, and dirt biking is a good endurance training exercise. The amount of time spent on your bike helps improve your cardiovascular health by improving your endurance. While riding a bike not only is there a constant muscle engagement of your legs and arms but also an increase in your heart rate throughout the ride.

Burns calories

The cold air that blows against your body when you ride a bike at high speed tends to lower your body’s temperature. The natural phenomenon that occurs to heat up your body helps in burning some calories. Furthermore, maintaining the balance of the bike on difficult terrains or while negotiating a sharp turn or jump uses arms, legs and different core muscles. Therefore, dirt biking helps in burning calories in the major muscles groups.

Strengthens muscles

An average dirt bike weighs around 250 pounds without gas and the weight increases as you accessorize it. Even that small but very useful B&B bash plate that you got placed adds to the bike’s weight. To handle a 250 pounds bike a significant amount of strength is required. The quadriceps, hamstrings and other leg muscles are used extensively while riding over uneven terrain or turning your bike around. Whereas the arms strength is used to lift the bike’s handlebars while taking a jump or landing after a jump. Therefore, dirt biking helps in strengthening these muscles. You can find relief in several ways when you experience occasional pain from motorbiking as it builds you up.

Helps in maintaining good posture

Amateur riders don’t pay much attention to the posture initially, but as they spend time on their bikes they realize the importance of having a good posture while riding. Having your back straight while riding not only improves your performance but also fosters a healthy habit while you are off the bike.

So next time that you hop on your dirt bike just remember that it’s not just a fun activity, instead it’s a combination of various exercises that are extremely beneficial for you.

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