5 Incredible Uses of Milk Of Magnesia

Milk of magnesia is also known as magnesium hydroxide. Magnesium is a natural mineral which is found in our body that enhances the function of muscles and nervous system. Milk of magnesia is prescribed by a doctor as a laxative for relieving constipation and as an antacid to relieve indigestion.

You will be astonished to know magnesium hydroxide has various other benefits and uses. It is just magnesium hydroxide mixed with water and a very natural product that can do wonders to your body.

Used as a primer

Milk of magnesia can be used as a primer for makeup for those with oily skin. Using primer will mattify your face and reduces the oily shine on the T-zone area. It can be used as an alternative to expensive makeup primers. Before applying makeup use a thin layer of magnesium hydroxide to your face and then add foundation, this will give you a matte look. Do apply moisturizer, as magnesium hydroxide will dry your skin.

Acne cure :

Milk of magnesia can treat acne and pimples. It can cure breakouts and inflammation of pimples. You can take advantage of drying power of magnesium hydroxide, apply a dot on the pimples and leave it overnight. Milk of magnesia can be used as a facial mask also. Before using apply in a small area to test and see if it suits your skin.

Treats Dandruff :

Milk of magnesia can treat dandruff too. Just apply magnesium hydroxide on your scalp and let it dry for half an hour. Use your regular shampoo and rinse it off. This works for flaky skins also.

Used as a Deodorant :

Magnesium hydroxide can be used as an effective natural deodorant. Simply apply magnesium hydroxide with your fingertips or makeup applicator onto your underarms. it may take a longer time to dry than other deodorants but is more effective and natural. Milk of magnesia used as a deodorant can give you 24-hour odor protection.

Sunburn Aid :

Milk of magnesia can ease the pain of a sunburn. Apply a thin layer to the affected area and allow to dry completely. You will feel the pain subsides after this application.

Try these wonderful benefits of milk of magnesia and comment below if it had worked for you. Tell us if you know another uses and benefits of magnesium hydroxide.

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