Top 16 Tips to Getting Strong and Healthy Hair Naturally

healthy and strong hairSpending a lot of money on expensive and harsh shampoos, but not getting the outcomes as desired that you most of the time watch on TV advertisement? Yes, it is somehow correct, because the advertisement is specially designed to attract customers. Nevertheless, reality tells a different story. In lieu of depending on those branded products or shampoos as well as conditioners, hair experts say, natural ways are good to get great hair, strong, good look and healthy.

Here, in this article, we are about to discuss top twenty-five tips to get strong, beautiful and good-looking hair. It is for those, who do not want to use chemical filled products and harm their beautiful hair with no reasons. You can try these 25 tips sans using harmful shampoos and conditioners, and importantly no need to attract on advertisements. Let us read those tips to apply to get strong and healthy hair naturally.

  1. Egg Treatment – You probably have used egg as a treatment, better to say the natural treatment of your hair. The Egg is very good thing for your hair, especially for those who have dry hair. The best part of using egg is, you can use the whole egg to condition your hair. This is natural and has no side effect.  
  2. Cleanliness Is More Important – You might clean your hair frequently, but you do not have time or schedule to clean your hair or to clean on a daily basis. Though people who possess long hair have problem cleaning with water if you find the time you should not use any chemical things and just use normal fresh water to clean your hair every alternate day.
  3. For the GoodLooking Hair – For the purpose of good-looking hair, you must have used many things. You have used countless shampoos and conditioners but hardly have you tried using natural shampoos or natural products that are not harmful to your hair. For good-looking hair, you should give up using hohair caret water and use the bottle gourd treatment, which is an excellent solution for your hair.  
  4. Therapy with Baking Soda – If you have used baking soda, then you realize this is effective. Sometimes you think of using baking soda, but you did not understand the amount of baking soda you need for your hair. Just make a gentle mixture of maximum 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda and water. This therapy is good for your hair and that is for a lifetime.
  5. Timely Wash not Frequently – Suppose you are a person who is involved in direct marketing or mass relation, then you certainly go out, travel here and there for meetings and other official works, so the outside environment pollution, dust, and sun damage your hair. In this condition every day, you come back home and wash your hair. Washing hair is good, but excessive hair washing is not that much good. You should fix a time and day every after one day or two, not frequently but timely.
  6. Select Only Natural and Healthy Hair Conditioners – Healthy conditioners mixed with chemical sans natural ingredients are there in the market, lots of; but it is your hair, it shows your personality, so be careful while using chemical rich hair conditioners. You can select an herbal or natural product for long-term use.
  7. Almond for Strong Hair – Almond is one of the best products known for hair care. Women using almond for hair care and extensively happy and recommend to their friends and colleagues who are looking for good shampoos and or conditioners for regular care. Almond is great for dry and dull hair. You can pour some almonds in a bowl and heat them for 35-40 seconds. Now after it comes to normal temperature, use onto your hair gently.
  8. Good Hair with Lemon Juice – Lemon is a friend for hair. Lemon is a great one for dull hair. You can say good-bye with dull and rubbish hair using lemon for a long time.lemon After the final rinse, apply 1-1and half tablespoons good quality lemon juice onto your hair gently and see the effects using after a few days.
  9. Use Protection before You Bath in the River or Ocean – Your hair needs protection. Whatsoever good natural health products you use for your hair care are minimum if you do not protect your hair properly. It is your hair and you need to protect it. You generally live in an environment, where you feel a specific atmosphere, but when you go out and travel you bath in the river and ocean and sometimes use hot and cold water to bath. This can affect your hair. So, avoid as much as possible. We are not asking you not to go there, but before you go use some good oils and brush your hair to protect.  
  10. Treat Sun-Damaged Hair with Oil Mixture – A great oil mixture is good for sun-damage. You can treat sun-damaged hair, like honey, olive oil and egg yolk that are best things to go with all types of hair care and natural hair treatment. These three things are good for dull and long hair and even you can use it a mixture whenever you feel good for your hair, but keep in mind to use this mixture before bathing.  
  11. Tight is Absolutely NO-NO – You might think when you tighten your hair you feel good-looking and your hair saves from pollution, but one thing you should keep in mind. If you have brittle hair, you should give uptight your hair. You can use bands but that should be light, not tight that may harm your hair make your hair more and more brittle. Now say absolutely no-no to tight hair.
  12. Avoid Poor Brushing Technique – Most of the time, the great number of women brushes their hair with old techniques. Yes, there must be some techniques that help your hair grow and stay natural. You do not need to know which technique is utterly good, but just normal hair brushing will go well.  
  13. Try to trim your hair on a regular basis – Trimming is good no doubt, and regular trimming is excellent. If you do trim your hair on a regular basis, your hair should be strong and healthy.trimmingNo needs to use shampoos and conditioners that are rich in chemical substances, better you use non-harmful chemical free natural shampoos and conditioners with a regular trim habit, which will help your hair, eliminate dryness.
  14. Give up brushing Wet Hair – Wet hair brushing is not a good idea. If you brush your hair, certainly you do brush your hair, but avoid brushing after your bath or wash your hair with water, or if you use any shampoos and conditioners that make your hair wet. The reason is, wet hair is three times higher to break than dry hair. So, it is better to dry your hair first with a soft towel and then brush, no need to worry at all if you make it a habit.
  15. Good fat-free diet – Diet is an important thing. Whatsoever shampoos or conditioners or natural therapy you apply onto your hair. Your hair needs nutrition and that nutrition you take from the food you eat.healthy dietTherefore, you should maintain a healthy diet, which will boost your hair growth, prevent hair fall, prevent dandruff and other scalp issues that are common reasons for hair fall and gives you a strong and healthy hair naturally.  
  16. Try to Moisturize your hair – Moisturizing is a great thing, if you do and have been doing for a long time, then you must know the effect of doing it. Moisturizing has the great effect that gives your hair longevity, firmness and healthy beautiful look. You can use natural herbal shampoos or conditioners to make your hair firm and gives moisture.

It is seen that hair loss is a common issue these days. As hair is in regard an asset that improves your physical appearance, balding and or thinning hair is nothing but an issue that many of you probably want to correct as early as possible. Some of the common factors that contribute to thinning or balding the hair are of excessive physical, emotional, anxiety, stress, hormonal issues, nutritional deficiencies, environment pollution, allergies and the use of wrong products i.e. shampoos and hair conditioners that are harming your hair.

Though, there are a few things that are connected to your heredity, but not that much to worry about it. Whether you are suffering from thinning, pale-looking, dull or unhealthy hair, there is no need to spend more and more money on treatment and purchasing costly products that you know would be good, but in reality, they are harming your hair. The above described natural remedies or tips would help you get thicker, stronger as well as voluminous hair and that is sans side effect.

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