6 Helpful Apps for Runners

Fall is considered the best time for running due to a number of reasons.  With an almost perfect weather and stunning fall colors you are surrounded with, who wouldn’t want to go outside for a morning jog or an afternoon run?

Whether you’re new to running or training for a marathon this fall, I suggest that you make use of these 6 free apps that will help you accomplish and track your fitness goals.

1. Runkeeper 

The app provides you with running plans that show you exactly what to do.  It seems like this app has everything you need – running routes, weekly workout schedule, challenges, a goal coach and even a perfect playlist built with music that you love.

It uses your phone’s GPS to track any distance activity whether it’s running, cycling, hiking, etc.  Tracking your progress is easy too with Runkeeper because it records your pace, distance, total exercise time and calories burned.

2. Personal Running Trainer 

This app will act as your personal running coach, hence its name.  All you need to do is choose your distance – 5K, 10K, half marathon or full marathon to get a training program created just for you.  While running, you will hear instructions from your digital coach as to when you should run, change pace, rest, etc.

3. Strava 

Now if you’re feeling competitive, Strava will show you a feed of your contacts’ most recent activities and lets you compete against them through different challenges.  It can definitely fuel the competitive fire in you.

4. Charity Miles 

Or better yet, use Charity Miles to raise money for charity everytime you go for a run, walk or a jog. You can earn up to 25 cents/mile for walkers and runners and 10 cents/mile for bikers, which will be donated to different participating charities.  Move with a purpose.  Start running for charity.

5. PaceDJ 

A good music playlist is the key to make running less boring and more enjoyable.  The PaceDJ app helps you find the right music to match your target pace or tempo.

6. React Mobile

Last on my list is a very important app that every runner should have in their phones.  The React Mobile app lets you share your GPS location with loved ones and allow them to track you in real time.  In case of emergency, you can easily send out an emergency alert to your contacts and automatically call the local authorities to send help.

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