4 Fitcation Ideas for Wanderlusts and Fitness Junkies

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic who wants to end the year with a boot-camp style vacation or someone who wants to jumpstart a healthier and more active lifestyle in the upcoming new year, going on a Fitcation (Fitness + Vacation) is the perfect way help you get in shape while rejuvenating your mind and soul.

If this kind of trip sounds interesting to you, you still have around three months to squeeze in a fitness-themed getaway or plan for an epic January fitcation to kick-off your 2018.

1. Red Mountain Resort Retreat 

This resort in Ivins, Utah, offers a variety of retreat packages that offer unlimited fitness classes, daily guided morning hikes and private yoga, Pilates and MELT training sessions.  They also serve healthy meals daily and gives retreat goers an opportunity to learn more about healthy living through classes and cooking demonstrations.

2. Wine Country Trekking 

Fancy some European style trekking in the United States?  Wine Country Trekking is the only inn-to-inn hiking company in the US where guests can go on a self-guided stroll, trek or run through the vineyards of Bay Area wine country.  Don’t worry about trail maps and meals because everything will be organized and packed for you.

3. The Ranch in Malibu

For a boot-camp style getaway combined with rejuvenating activities, The Ranch offers packages that will definitely challenge you physically.  A typical day at the retreat consists of morning stretching and mountain hiking, afternoon circuit training, core and ab workouts and weight training then a restorative yoga just before dinner time.  Don’t worry, the itinerary also includes naptime, healthy cooking classes and meal time, as well as diagnostic testing, etc.

4. Base Camp Baja

This 3 or 4-night expedition combines wildness and wellness in Mexico’s shimmering Sea of Cortez., aboard the 30-cabin National Geographic Sea Bird.  Aside from a long list of outdoor activities like snorkeling and hiking, voyagers will also experience Core Fusion Barre Bootcamp, HIIT and power yoga classes – not your ordinary yoga though.  This time, it’s a Stand Up Paddleboard yoga and assisted stretching.  Plus, you get to enjoy a sunset beach BBQ, bonfire and stargazing to end your day.

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