Free Apps to Effectively Remind You to Drink Water

We all know the benefits of drinking water, and the harmful effects of not supplying our bodies with adequate hydration.  Every organ needs water to work properly – whether it’s maintaining our body’s temperature, removing waste and toxins and even lubricating our joints.  So basically, our body depends on water in order to function well.  But despite of us knowing this, why is it still so hard to drink water?  Raise your hands if you’re one of us!

Good thing, technology is here to the rescue.  Well, kind of.  Today, there are a number of apps that we can take advantage of to get our much needed prompting and reminding.  Let’s take a look at the most effective ones that you can download for FREE.

Daily Water (iOS)

The app allows you to set a goal amount of drinking water for each day, send you reminders and log each time you drink a glass.  You can actually customize how much water you drink each time – ¼, ½ or a full glass.  Plan a drinking schedule on the app and it will remind you that “it’s time to drink water” when it’s time.  It also comes with a History and Chart tabs to track your drinking progress. I personally use this app because it’s so simple and easy to use.

Waterlogged (iOS, Android)

Just like the previous app, Waterlogged allows you to set schedules and reminders, and keeps track of your progress and drinking goals.  But what’s unique about this app is that you can take a photo of the glass or water bottle you are actually drinking from, and its volume.  When logging your drinking, you can easily choose whether it’s water, coffee, soda, juice, etc.  This will allow you to see what you are actually drinking and help you make necessary changes with your habits.

Plant Nanny (iOS, Android)

Chugging down water several times a day aint no fun, but thanks to Plant Nanny for combining water reminders with something you can really enjoy.  On the app, lives a cute plant that will grow and survive from the water you log in at certain periods of time.  I know it’s just a game but it’s a fun way to encourage you to drink more water.

Waterbalance (iOS, Android)

Get inspired to reach your drinking goals through this app that allows you to earn badges and share your achievements with friends and other app users.


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