The Best Apps for Digital Food Journaling

On my previous article, I discussed the many benefits of using a Food Journal as a tool to help you achieve your diet goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  By simply recording what and when you eat, and noting down the emotions you feel prior and after every meal, snack or drink, you will be able to make better food choices, eat less if you’re on a diet, and track your progress much easier.

But not everyone is a fan of old school journaling.  For those of you who want to track their food intake in a much modern way, use Food Tracker Apps instead.

Below is a list of the best Food Tracker Apps that you can download for free on your iOS and Android devices.

See How You Eat Diary (iOS, Android)

If you love taking photos of your food, then you’ll love this app.  This app is a photo food diary in which you are required to snap a photo of each meal, drink or snack.  This way, you can easily glance at all your meals for the day, which will encourage you to make healthier and smarter food choices.

Lose It (iOS, Android)

This fitness and food tracker app is designed for people who want to lose weight.  The app allows you to set goals, track your exercise and food intake and connect with other users for inspiration, challenges and support.  It also makes Food Journaling easier because you can simply scan barcodes and automatically adds the food item to your food diary.

My Plate (iOS, Android)

For those of you who want to track their calorie intake, this app made by Livestrong features a lot of very helpful tools such as a handy bar code scanner to find and track food easily, meal reminders and a comprehensive food database with over 2 million items and meal.

Meallogger (iOS)

Just like See How You Eat Diary, Meallogger is also an app that asks you to photograph your food, add text and nutrient information, and share it with your friends.  It even lets you connect with your very own dietitian, nutritionist, fitness trainer or any health professional to manage your health much easier.  It’s like Instagram designed exclusively for your food intake!

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