Pampering on Purpose: Why treating yourself is healthy, not frivolous

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When it comes to treating yourself, you probably experience feelings of guilt whenever you indulge. However, we’re here to explain why that guilt is unmerited. In fact, treating yourself is actually a great way to improve your own health, mood, and outlook on life. Keep reading to learn why pampering yourself is the ultimate form of self-care that will do you a world of good.

Stress relief

Stress can be as troublesome as a plague, and oftentimes, it can certainly be tough to shake it from your life. The Global Organization for Stress cites that 75 percent of adults experience moderate to high levels of stress within any given month and that the same number of respondents noted that their stress has increased in the past year.

With that being said, it’s obvious that de-stressing is important in everyone’s life. Treating yourself allows you to do just that. You don’t need a grand gesture to treat yourself, either. Simply taking the time to do something relaxing for yourself is the perfect way to unwind and to relieve some of the stress that is unavoidable in your everyday life. Try getting a cup of gourmet coffee or sprucing up your kitchen with a bouquet of fresh flowers as a fun way to treat yourself without breaking the bank.

It’s motivating

Everyone has goals that they’re trying to reach in their life – whether it be surrounding your health and wellness, your career, or anything in between – and allowing yourself reasonable rewards along the way could help you to stay on track. Occasional treats can ensure that we remain energized and invigorated on the path to achieving a goal rather than becoming discouraged and frustrated as we’re working hard towards something that takes hard work and dedication.

Again, keep in mind that these rewards don’t need to be something expensive, but rather can be something as small as a night out at your favorite restaurant or allowing yourself to go on a hike on a beautiful day.

It inspires self confidence

Having low self-esteem takes a toll on yourself, and it’s more important now than ever to make sure that your self confidence stays intact. American’s have notoriously low self-esteem levels, and indulging in self-care can increase one’s own self-confidence. After all, a little bit of pampering goes a long way in making one feel beautiful and revitalized. Whether you’re allowing yourself to soak in a luxurious bath or you’re treating yourself to a manicure, even pampering yourself in the smallest of ways can go a long way in maintaining self-esteem levels and allowing yourself to feel self-confident.

While you may associate the phrase “treat yo-self” with being unnecessarily frivolous, it is actually something that you should be doing from time to time. There’s no need to feel guilt when you’re practicing self-care, as it is a necessary way to relieve stress, feel more highly motivated, and to maintain healthy levels of self confidence and self-esteem. Remember that all things are good in moderation, and that little treats here and there do nothing but enhance your life, health, and happiness.


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