Maintaining an Exercise Routine with Diabetes

Maintaining an Exercise Routine with Diabetes

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It is an undeniable truth that people are always the most energetic in their young adult and adult years. After that, your body starts to lose the amount of mass and the stamina you once had. You start to get haggard easily and physical work becomes more time consuming than it was for you previously. Furthermore, as is the natural process, by the time you start getting past the mature age, the risk of diseases starts increasing as well. You become more cautious of what you eat and if you already have a disease the medicinal intake can result in side effects. These side effects can vary from drowsiness, tired, loss of appetite, skin sensitivity, a surge in appetite and an escalation in weight.

Diabetes is one such problem that complicates the life of an individual going through it. Not only has it plagued many elderly in our societies but people of all ages are now being affected by this disease, including children. Even more disturbing is the fact that the disease is incurable and you are stuck with it for life. It has the potential to affect your lifestyle and the way you consume food as well. Diabetes can also be a hindrance in your way of remaining fit and healthy. Its medicine can make you lose appetite and drains your energy.

Just because someone has reached a mature age and is diabetic, does not mean that they stop enjoying life or stop taking care of their weight and looks. Maintaining a good physique and looking good is every person’s right and nobody should be deprived of that. One must always strive to achieve what they consider a perfect body, be it an hourglass body type of an old actress or a very slim figure like Jennifer Aniston. Although a mature woman would not be able to perform all the exercises effectively there are still many exercises that can be done. The following are some recommended exercises for older women with diabetes to ensure a healthier lifestyle.

Walking Every day:

The easiest exercise for anyone to partake in is walking. Be it just a couple of blocks or a few laps inside a park; it doesn’t matter how much you walk as long as you walk on a daily basis. Doctors and dietitians give a lot of preference to this exercise for patients with type 2 diabetes. For the practice to be effective, you must walk at a more than normal speed so that it accelerates your heart function and burns calories. An hour of a walk is more than enough for any senior to stay healthy and have a good lifestyle. The exercise burns 120 calories if a person is walking with a speed of 2 miles per hour and more speed will only make the process more beneficial.

Weight Training:

Weight training doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you exercise with large weights and build huge muscles. The training can vary from person to person, and if the person is losing body mass due to diabetes then this exercise can help you gain weight in the right amount. Maintaining blood sugar levels also becomes difficult if an individual has less than recommended body mass. So with the help of a personal trainer, it is better to have weight training in your daily life if you are not performing any other exercise.

Yoga Burn Calories:

Not only does yoga help you burn calories, but it helps you relax. It helps build flexibility, balance, and strength. It is a stress reducer which is an advantage for people with type 2 diabetes and there are multiple ways that yoga can relax different muscles to help ease the stress. You can choose the area that you want to focus on which is the most stressed and then you may be able to relax that part. The more exercise you do, the more your body feels stretched and relaxed.

Swimming is another Solution:

There are multiple ways to exercise safely and not strain yourself out, swimming is one of those exercises. It can be relaxing for you and relieve back pain, shoulder pain and decrease stress. The reason why a lot of diabetes patients swim is because it is another form of aerobic exercise. It also doesn’t put pressure on your joints, which is a good sign for people above the age of 50. Furthermore, this exercise has a nominal chance of damaging the person performing it and you can avoid many exercise-related injuries, such as blisters, cuts, and fractures.

Stationary Bicycles:

Cycling helps build a stronger heart with a good heart rate. A stationary bike is better than a moving one since it reduces the risk of people falling off due to losing balance. It is not affected by weather or the route you take and can be done anytime of the day. Since people with diabetes have a risk of low blood flow in their lower parts of the body, this exercise encourages more blood flow to your thighs, legs, and feet. It also is one of the most effective exercises to keep you at a steady weight and assist you in living a healthy life.

Dancing! Yes, It Works:

There are exercises that have been made specifically for you to lose weight but aren’t fun to perform. The lack of an exciting element in an exercise makes a lot of people back out from such practices. However, dancing is that form of training that lets you have fun while you burn calories. Naturally, not all dance forms can be performed by people over 50 and dances like ballet, tango, and aerial dance are moves that can easily stress seniors. Yet there are many slow forms of dancing which provide you secure movements and burns fat to get you the body that you desire.

All these exercises have been a way for the seniors to help them lead a better lifestyle. Not only do these practices keep senior women from overexerting themselves and tiring them out, but they help in building a more flexible body. Diabetes may be an incurable disease and may follow the person for the rest of their life. But it should no way stop people from exercising and looking good.

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