Nutrients That Become Crucial at an Older Age

Providing the body proper nutrients after a certain age can become a real challenge. As you grow old and you get over 50, the amount of calories the body needs diminishes. To hit the mark, aim at including calories that are rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Why does this happen? With age, the body can no longer absorb all the nutrients our body needs to stay efficient. Our abilities to taste food also decline, making some foods unappetizing. There are ways to make sure your body stays energized even an older age. Let’s have a look at what your body needs.

Vitamin B12

Extremely important in helping the body produce red blood cells, vitamin B12 makes sure your nerve function system is healthy. Even though it’s true that the human body can’t absorb B12 from food, your diet should consist of as many products based on the vitamin as possible. The best sources are eggs, poultry, fish, dairy products, and other meats.

Folic acid (folate)

An excellent vitamin that can be taken as a supplement in case your diet doesn’t consist of too many fortified cereal or veggies and fruits. Hit the mark by adding more fortified cereals to your breakfast. However, if that’s still not enough, consult with a physician to prescribe you folate based supplements.


Calcium plays several important roles within the body. It matters because it helps maintain strong, healthy bones regardless of your age. Sadly, experts claim that with age, the body consumes less calcium. If you don’t assimilate the right amount, you will end up having brittle bones and severe fractures.

Add 3 servings of lowfat milk/day into your diet. Other excellent source of calcium are broccoli and kale, but also fortified juice. Experts agree that foods rich in calcium are the best way of strengthening the bones. However, to preserve the health, protein is equally important. If possible, steer clear of supplements. Food sources are the best option.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D goes hand in hand with calcium. In fact, it helps the body take in the right amount necessary for preserving bone density; thus preventing the onset of osteoporosis. Studies have shown that vitamin D may also protect the body against several common diseases like, type 1 diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis, and more.

In seniors, deficiencies are often linked to frequent falls. Food rich in vitamin D is milk, cereal, salmon, eggs, tuna, and others. Yet, the best source comes from the sun. Avoid peak hours in the summer though; get out of the house more, meet with friends, and take long walks. Your body needs to stay energized regardless of age.


Potassium is yet another nutrient that the body needs to stay strong. This mineral is fundamental because it helps with the cell functioning process. Studies have shown that potassium may reduce the risk of kidney stones and high blood pressure. In terms of the best sources, fruits and vegetables are the best. Plums, potatoes, prunes, are all excellent at making your skin look great even at a older age.


Magnesium deals with over 300 different processes that happen within the body. The right amount will make sure your body remains in top shape. We all want to have strong bones and a healthy heart; especially after the age of 50. There are excellent types of foods that contain magnesium; fresh fruits, whole grains, nuts, vegetables, and beans are the best.


Last but not least, we have fiber. Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and beans are excellent sources. Fiber makes sure your digestion system works properly; also it helps prevent certain heart diseases. However, if whole foods are not on your priority list, then you could be deficient.

As we grow older it is important to pay more attention to the foods that we eat. Because the body is extremely fragile, it needs to be looked after. Otherwise you might find yourself search for nursing homes near me, where someone else will look after you. Whether assisted living is a good or bad idea, that’s up to you to decide! In the meantime, you should focus on proper nutrition.

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