Health and Fitness Gifts for Mom

One of the many things that our moms constantly remind us about is to keep our health in check – and Mother’s Day would be a perfect opportunity to make sure hers is with the gift of good health.

Whether she’s already into fitness or just getting into a healthier lifestyle, here are a few gift ideas to help her reach her goals and achieve a healthy body and mind.

Clean Eating Recipe Book

To make sure she maintains a clean food diet, get her a Kindle or Paperback copies of Clean Eating Recipe books like these best-sellers from Amazon:


Juicing is a convenient way to get tons of healthy vitamins and minerals from fruits and veggies in one drink.  Get her a heavy-duty juicer like this one from Breville to help her cut down the prep time and will make it easier for her to commit to juicing.

Beginner’s Yoga Kit

Get her started with Yoga by giving her this Beginner’s Yoga Starter Kit from Gaiam that includes all the essentials – Yoga Mat, Yoga block for proper positioning and support, Yoga strap to align stretches and DVDs (AM Yoga, Daily Yoga, Prop Intro and Meditation Program).

Fitness Tracker

An activity track is a useful device to help your mom achieve her fitness goals.  There are tons of fitness trackers available in the market that will fit every type of budget.  But if you want the best of the best,  Fitbit Alta HR is CNET’s choice for the best fitness tracker for 2017 with an overall rating of 8.4.  The Fitbit Alta HR tracks heart rate, sleep & sleep stages, calories, steps and distance.  It also syncs wirelessly to any iOS, Android and Windows device.


Humidifiers put moisture back into the air which can be very beneficial to the health such as reducing the risk for infection, easing cold & flu symptoms, promote comfortable sinuses and relieve dry skin.  If your mom doesn’t have a humidifier in her home or office yet, it’s time to get her one.

Healthy Sweet Treat

For a healthy sweet treat that your mom deserves, send her a fruit arrangement from Edible Arrangements or this Organic, Vegan and Gluten-free Dark Chocolate.


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