The Best Workout Apps You Should Download Today

No time to go to the gym?  Too shy to work-out in public?  Always on the go and traveling?  Whatever your reason is, it’s neither a problem nor an excuse to slack on your fitness routine.

It’s 2017 and thanks to modern technology, there are already a number of ways to help us maintain a healthy & fit lifestyle wherever we are and for free.

Since most of us are always glued to our smartphones, check out my list below to see the 5 must-have workout apps to help you achieve your fitness goals and get ready for the upcoming beach season.

1. Sworkit

I personally use and love this app!  Sworkit gives you different options depending on what do you want to work on – cardio, strength, yoga or stretching.  For every category, you also get to choose the types of exercises,  intensity and the length that you prefer.  Under Cardio, for example, are choices such as Boot Camp Inspired, Plyometrics Jump, Full Intensity or Light Warm-up.  What’s even more interesting is that you can play your own music or choose from a variety of Spotify playlists, while using the app.

2. Keelo

If you are looking for 20-min workouts that deliver maximum results, HIIT is the best form of exercise for you.  Keelo is an app that features original short, high intensity HIIT workouts.  It tells you exactly what to do and keeps track of your times and progress.  A type of workout that is ideal for busy people.

3. Johnson & Johnson 7-minute Workout

If a 20-minute workout is still too long for you, then try Johnson & Johnson’s 7-minute workouts.  The app offers 72 exercises and 22 workouts that you can customize to create over 1,000 variations from easy to hard.  And just like Sworkit, you can listen and control your own music while using the app.

4. Daily Workout

Now if you want isolation exercises, the Daily Workout app features 10 different 5-10-minute targeted workouts.  Just choose which area you want to focus on (abs, arms, butt, cardio, leg or full body) and customize it according to the length and number of sets you want to do.

5. Daily Yoga

There’s also an app for pro and aspiring Yogis who want a little bit zen on a daily basis, no matter when and where they are.  Choose from over 100 yoga sessions and fitness programs that focus on different areas such as weight control, body sculpting, strength, flexibility, etc.

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