5 Yoga Destinations to Heal Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Forget about aimless sightseeing, sun bathing and unnecessary shopping during vacation… that won’t do your health any good.  This year, heal your mind, body and spirit through Yoga retreats.  Whether you’re a pro Yogi or newbie, yoga retreats provide a truly transformative experience.

You get to relax, de-stress and detox digitally.  During the retreat, you are guaranteed to eat well and healthy without having to do all the work.

FYI, Yoga Retreats aren’t just about practicing Yoga all day.  You get to discover new places, have meaningful experiences and see the world and yourself in a new light.  You will be surrounded with positive energy from people around you who are also committed to bettering themselves.

Overall, this retreat offers non-yogis a jumpstart to a totally new healthy lifestyle and yogis a concentrated amount of time to focus on their yoga practice.

Check out below to see a collection of the best Yoga Retreats around the world that will hopefully inspire you to start planning for next transformational vacation.

1. India

What better place to have a yoga retreat than the country where it all began?  In India, there is a greater emphasis on meditation, breathing, cleansing techniques, devotional practices and karma instead of focusing on just physical postures and sequences.

The three most popular yoga retreat destinations in the country are Kerala, Goa and Rishikesh.  You’ll surely find a Yoga Retreat that fits your style and budget.

2. Bali, Indonesia

For Yogis and aspiring Yogis on a budget, Indonesia offers a bunch of affordable yoga retreats that won’t break the bank.  The country’s gorgeous beaches, rainforests and rice paddies provide the perfect Zen atmosphere for anyone who’s looking for relaxation and spiritual awakening.

3. Spain

Good wine, delicious food and yoga?  Spain has it all.  The country has been the top Yoga destination in Europe and number 4 in the world, according to BookYogaRetreats.com.  It’s the place for anyone who wants to combine yoga with exquisite cuisine and friendly people.  Its stunning landscapes and warm Mediterranean climate also make it the perfect escape and Yoga destination.

4. Swiss Alps, Switzerland

How about a yoga retreat in a beautiful mountain setting?  If you are planning a winter yoga retreat, the stunning views of the white Alps will surely charm you as you fall into Zen.  Also, a yoga retreat in the Swiss Alps will give you an opportunity to try out  fun ski adventures.

5. Kenya, Africa

Practice Yoga while touching the lives of other people.  Through the Africa Yoga Project, Yogis are given the opportunity to share their love for Yoga and teach people who otherwise would not have the opportunity.  It’s the perfect opportunity to combine practicing Yoga and volunteering.  It’s very fulfilling and heart-warming to know that you aren’t just bettering yourself through the experience but other people’s lives as well.


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