What to Eat When You Have a Cold or Flu


If you are wondering why the winter months are considered the flu season, well… that’s because the Influenza virus becomes more stable and stays longer when the air is cold and dry.  If you’ve already caught a cold or flu, know that eating the right types of food plays an important role to beat the sickness naturally.

Here’s what you should eat to ease the symptoms and speed up your recovery…

Hot Tea

First on the list is not an actual “food” but a beverage.  Hot beverages don’t just warm your body but also open up sinus passages to relieve congestion.  Teas are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that can boost your immune system and help fight off cold/flu faster.  Peppermint, Ginger or Decaffeinated Green tea are great choices and adding a little bit of honey can help ease scratchy throat.

Soup and Broth

Same goes for soups and clear broths.  If you are feeling hungry but don’t have much of an appetite, soups with tiny chunks of vegetables and meat can fill you up, keep you hydrated and make you feel better.

Easily Digestible Protein

Protein strengthens your body to help you with your cold or flu systems.  If you have the energy to cook an elaborate protein-rich meal or have someone make it, then good for you.  But if not, just go for easily digestible proteins that take little time to prep like eggs, Greek yogurt, canned tuna, mushrooms, Brazil nuts and Pumpkin seeds.

Citrus Fruits

Although loading up on Vitamin C is a step to help ward off colds and flu, it’s still best not to ditch Vitamin C-rich foods such as citrus fruits when you are sick.  Although it doesn’t promise a cure, it can surely reduce the severity and length of your colds/flu by boosting the immune system for a speedy recovery.  Add slices of lemon or lime in your water or snack on oranges, kiwi, strawberries and grapefruit in between your meals.

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