Top 3 Affordable Healing Resorts in Asia

Asia is a home to the world’s most beautiful beaches, magnificent underwater life, lush green hills, and famed shopping districts.  There’s always something for everyone – whether you want to experience new outdoor adventures, taste authentic Asian cuisine, shop or relax.  But aside from the beauty of this continent, there’s another reason why Asia is flocked by visitors – and that’s because some cities offer the best bang to your buck, especially for Western travelers.

But the continent isn’t just a stunning paradise to unwind and relax; it also offers several holistic and wellness retreats.

Let’s take a look at these luxurious yet economical Asian healing resorts for the jet-setting health seekers like you.

Thanyapura Health Resort (Phuket, Thailand)

Phuket is a very popular tourist destination.  In fact, it’s the location for a number of Hollywood movies such as The Beach and The Impossible.  But aside from the powder-fine white sands ad pristine waters, it’s also the place for a bargain medical holiday.  In Thanyapura Health Resort, you have access to sports, health and wellness treatments under the supervision of a full staff of health advisors.  They offer different packages and treatments for every concern and need – whether it’s for weight loss, nutrition, detox, colon cleansing, infusion, aesthetics, etc.

Cocoon Medical Spa (Bali, Indonesia)

True to its name, the 5-star luxury resort will cocoon you in a stunning, intimate and relaxing environment. With only 7 guest rooms, you’ll surely be able to relax while experiencing the treatments that the spa offers.  Cocoon Medical Spa specializes in non-surgical anti-aging aesthetic and wellness treatments to make visitors feel healthier from the inside out.  Some treatments include skin rejuvenation, Botox, facial sculpting, vitamin infusions, colon hydrotherapy, non-surgical fat removal and facials, to name a few.  Aside from the beauty treatments, you can also experience different outdoor activities such as yoga, meditation, tours and cooking classes.

The Begnas Lake Resort (Pokhara, Nepal)

The tranquil environment in Begnas Lake Resort makes it the perfect place to rekindle, refresh and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with the use of classic Indian Ayurveda combined with an older form of medicine unique to the Himalayas.  Different programs vary from detox to healthy aging, diabetes program to weight loss, and a lot more.  You can also go nature tripping and do fun activities such as biking, hiking, bird watching, paragliding and you can even visit ethnic villages, schools and a coffee plantation near the resort.

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